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October 28, 2014

Going Global

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Expanding the Footprint to the Large Global Mobility Market
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For almost 15 years, Cornerstone has established itself as a premier provider of domestic relocation services in the United States and Canada. Facing competition by larger companies, Cornerstone has found success with white glove service, customized programs, and a highly experienced staff. Over the last five years, Cornerstone has achieved a phenomenal 99 percent score in client retention. Now, the company is building on this success to cast a bigger shadow across the global relocation arena.

The majority of clients today are looking for a single solution for both domestic and international relocation and assignment services,” says Chris Furlotte, Vice President of Global Sales. “We’re answering with expanded capabilities here and abroad.”

Chris points out, the global mobility market ($100 billion) dwarfs the U.S. market ($10 billion). Its size presents a significant opportunity for companies with a full suite of global services. Cornerstone is acting on the opportunity.

As well as locations in North America (Chicago, Illinois; Dallas/Addison, Texas; Basking Ridge, New Jersey), the company has opened service centers in EMEA (Cologne and Frankfurt, Germany) and APAC (Singapore). At the same time, Cornerstone has invested in people who bring expertise in global consulting, compensation, and assignment management. 

I’m reminded of a famous song from the sixties. The times are indeed changing, and providers of relocation services must sink or swim. Personally, I find it exciting to be opening service locations at home and abroad. The expansion puts us in a better position to deliver the high level of care our clients expect, with people who know firsthand the unique requirements in each region.

International Assignments Are Accelerating
I think Cornerstone Founder and CEO Janelle Piatkowski says it best: “The needs of our clients to initiate international assignments are accelerating, creating a clarion call for us to provide additional global services. This expansion dovetails perfectly with our strategic plan. Both in vision and practice, Cornerstone is in a global growth mode.”