Military Moving Services

Atlas® military moving companies are proud to serve our nation’s Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard service members.

Trust Atlas® movers for local or long-distance military moving with secure storage for your belongings between one home and the next.

As the country’s second‐largest mover, Atlas brings approximately 2,500 Professional Van Operators (PVOs) and 3,700 trucks to serve U.S. military installations. Our military moving companies are dedicated to ensuring your domestic move is seamless, whether it’s a local relocation with your family or a solo move across the country. We also provide door‐to‐door service around the globe with Atlas® International.

Typically, service members move their household items in a personal or rented vehicle in a Personally Procured Move (PPM), formerly known as a Do-It-Yourself (DITY) move. The U.S. Armed Forces provides an incentive payment equal to 95% of the estimated cost to the government for PPM. When the move is completed, the service member provides receipts and paperwork to substantiate authorized expenses. The net financial profit is taxable and is reported on a separate W-2 Form.

If you choose a PPM, the government will not pack/move your goods or arrange your moving expenses. Through its PPM policy, the U.S. Armed Forces reimburse personnel who arrange their moves. Many military personnel finds that a PPM offers more control over the packing and transport processes. Our Atlas military movers are well versed in PPM guidelines. We can explain what is required for:

  • Protection: We’ll advise you of the valuation choices for coverage against loss or damage.
  • Storage: Atlas offers flexible options for secure storage if you may need it.
  • Reimbursement: We can assist with completing and filing the forms for reimbursement.

Service members can also be sure that Atlas makes their security and safety our highest priority through:

  • Satellite Tracking: Secure online access to shipment location 24/7.
  • Labor Certification: Background checks to verify the quality of Atlas service personnel.
  • Proactive Safety: “Zero tolerance” for substance abuse, enforced with random drug and alcohol screenings.