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June 14, 2018

Getting Better All the Time

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Business Surges with Service Enhancement

The thought of moving internationally should come with feelings of confidence and well-being—like the vibes customers get with Atlas® World Group International.

“We've seen an increase in the number of customers who complete a post-move survey,” says Tim Hall, Vice President, Business Development. “Not only are more customers taking the time to evaluate our service, the feedback is overwhelmingly positive.”

The higher scores have led to a surge in business—including a 300 percent jump in volume with Atlas International’s largest corporate client. The growth didn’t take place unexpectedly; it is grounded in a fresh take on the customer experience.

"We listen to the customer, set their expectations, stay in contact with them and handle the details. Ours is a service model that produces happy customers."

Matthew Hagenah, Vice President, Global Mobility, Atlas® World Group International

"We re-engineered our service model last year," says Matthew Hagenah, Director, International Commercial Operations. “We've essentially upgraded the customer experience to make international relocation easier and more accountable.”

Chief among enhancements: a professional, Atlas International account manager is now assigned to every customer. This assignment is key to setting and managing the customer's expectations.

"Every customer knows they have someone they can reach for help, for answers, at any time," says Matthew. "When the unexpected happens, they have a direct line to an Atlas professional who will handle it.”

The account manager's role is so crucial to the customer experience that Atlas invested in top-tier talent to expand and strengthen staff. Newly hired managers bring from 11 to 24 years of industry experience with handling international moves for Fortune 100 firms.

Having a single point of contact for service also eliminates the potential for redundant calls by multiple providers, which can be distracting to customers. It also reduces the potential for dissatisfaction that can happen when a customer doesn’t know whom to call.

“A customer may have a minor issue, such as a delivery day question that can be handled instantly over the phone,” says Matthew. “If it goes unresolved, then all the great customer service that happened before may be forgotten. We won’t let that happen.”  

Photo caption: Besides their customer-handling skills, the availability of managers is key to the Atlas service mojo. Which is why the company operates internationally with a "tri-regional" presence. Atlas professionals answer customers in every time zone—whether in the Americas, APAC, or EMEA.