Corporate Relocation Moving Services

Whether you’re an employee handling your move or a corporate relocation professional, companies know Atlas® as a powerful resource that can help you go new places® in your career.

Trust Atlas® movers for local and long-distance moving with secure storage for your belongings between one home and the next.

You’ve taken the job offer and need to relocate. Now what? If your company has selected Atlas to handle your move for your job, you may already be informed about what to expect. Whatever your relocation allowance, you’ll be happier and less stressed if you’re prepared. If you’re in charge of your own relocation, you likely need a mover. We recommend you get estimates from reputable moving companies. If your move is considered "small"—an apartment, condo, townhouse, or 1-2 bedroom home—you should take a look at SimpliCity™. This unique program from Atlas is designed specifically for small, long-distance moves, including date-specific pickup and delivery…meaning there's more control for you.

Corporate Relocation Moving Companies

Our broad network over 350 domestic and international Atlas movers and their moving crews have the knowledge and expertise to help you go new places®. Please search to find your preferred mover, get more information, or start your free moving quote.

Corporate Relocation FAQs

Atlas supports long-distance and interstate moves throughout the U.S., across the Canadian border, and internationally. With nearly 350 Atlas movers specializing in long-distance moves, we can equip you with the relocation plan that is right for you. Learn more about our long-distance and nationwide moving options here: Atlas Moves Any Distance.

By law, Atlas is prohibited from moving certain items, such as many household cleaning chemicals, fireworks, and guns. View the complete list of non-allowable items for moving here: What are Non-Allowables?

Yes, your local Atlas mover can provide professional packing services to lift the stress when you go to new places. Our packers are trained to work efficiently and use best practices to ensure your belongings are ready to travel safely. 

Atlas uses professional grade packing materials to prepare your belongings for transport. We also offer these materials to you at competitive prices if you prefer to do your own packing. Here are some of the packing supplies we routinely provide for customers: Packing Materials.

For large appliances, like your washing machine, be sure to empty, clean, dry, and unplug the unit before moving it. Secure moving elements such as doors or knobs with tape to prevent motion. Refer to this article from The Spruce for more information: Preparing Major Appliances for Your Household Move.

Atlas takes great care to prevent loss or damage to your goods. However, should something unforeseen happen, we recommend Full Value Protection. Technically, it’s not insurance—it provides coverage to repair or replace anything that may be lost, damaged, or destroyed while in our care. Read more about coverage here: Atlas Valuation Options

All shipments are automatically afforded a minimal protection, valued at 60 cents per pound. However, Atlas recommends Full Value Protection (FVP), which ensures repair or replacement in the event an item is lost or damaged. This page explains your protection options: Atlas Valuation Options.

If an item is lost, damaged, or destroyed in the move, you can file a claim. Atlas will offer a settlement to compensate for this loss or damage, so long as the claim is submitted within nine months from the day of shipment delivery. Access claim information here: Atlas Claims Services.

When moving with Atlas, you choose between a binding or non-binding estimate. A non-binding estimate provides an approximate estimate of moving costs, so the final amount may vary. A binding estimate guarantees you won’t be charged more than the initial estimate. Learn more with this guide: Important Information for When You Move.

Professional moving companies have specialized equipment to make the process smoother, offer insurance options to secure your belongings, and provide the necessary moving expertise to ensure a stress-free move. Hiring a professional moving company, such as Atlas, ensures you are entrusting your belongings to a professional and ethical company. For your reassurance, every local Atlas mover belongs to the American Trucking Associations’ Moving and Storage Conference. This industry designation attests to ethical and responsible business conduct.

The time it takes to move depends on several factors, such as the size of your move, where you are moving to, and the time of year. Talk to your local Atlas mover about your timing requirements. We want to meet your expectations.

Yes, Atlas routinely moves cars, trucks, campers, motorcycles, and other large or special items across the country and the world. Here’s more information about our capabilities: Moving Special Items.

Storage goes hand-in-hand with moving. Atlas offers secure storage, for as long as you may need, in Atlas warehouses from coast to coast. Read about Atlas’ storage services here: Atlas Storage Options.

Atlas recommends you take small, high-value items and belongings with personal or sentimental value with you when you move. Here’s an explanation and list of items you should transport yourself when you relocate: Moving Personal Items & Family Heirlooms.

As an Atlas customer, you have access to Atlas® Customer Portal, a free online application where you can build your profile, track your shipment, make a payment, and access moving documents.