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When you go new places® with Atlas® moving companies, we promise excellent customer service—and we always deliver.

How can Atlas® help you today?

Atlas is owned by its network of movers, the local customer service companies that work directly with you. Customer care is important to them—their livelihoods depend on it. Your Atlas mover takes a personal interest in your satisfaction and works hard to earn your business. And your Atlas movers commit to making moving “worry-free,” with tools and information to help you go new places® more easily.

Important information

As a consumer, you have rights, protections, and responsibilities. Read this information and be prepared to make your best move.

Claiming Loss, Damage, or Delay

Atlas works carefully to ensure the safety of your goods and timely delivery is an important part of our customer service promise to you. In the event you must file a claim for loss, damage, or delay, please let us know.


The Atlas® Customer Portal gives you more control over your move, allowing you to track your household goods and find out when they will arrive.

Access the Atlas Customer Portal at to use this easy online tool for tracking your goods. Atlas developed this innovative service with the help of wireless communications technology leaders. Order Tracking is compatible with all major browsers, on desktop, iPhone, iPad, or Android devices.

Find a Local Mover

Our broad network of over 350 Atlas® movers and their moving crews have the knowledge and expertise to help you go new places®. Ready to find your preferred mover, get more information, or start your free moving quote?
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The history of Atlas® was first written over 75 years ago. What started as a fledgling group of entrepreneurs is now one of the largest household movers in the U.S. with a worldwide network of professionals helping people go new places®.
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At Atlas®, we are dedicated to our customers and their satisfaction. How do you find the best moving company? Just look for the following awards that we grant each year to movers who exceed standards and service excellence.
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