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The 4 best cities for young professionals

The 4 best cities for young professionals

Millennials - born between the early 1980s and late 1990s - are unlike any previous workforce. A 2016 Gallup poll called them the job-hopping generation; over 20 percent switched jobs at least once in the span of a year. According to the Harvard Business Review, the millennials' constant swapping has everything to do with wanting very specific elements from their jobs, including people-centric workplaces and the ability for self improvement.

"Millennials have been called the job-hopping generation."

Though not every company has figured out how to handle this unique group, there are cities that have found ways to entice these young professionals and deliver the kind of working experience that keeps them fully engaged. Here are four such cities: 

1. Cambridge, MA
In its list of the best cities for young professionals, Niche highlighted Cambridge, MA, located just 20 minutes outside of Boston proper. The list, which was compiled using data from both the FBI and the U.S. Census Bureau, portrays Cambridge as having several must-have qualities for these hard working young people. That includes a low unemployment rate (4.2 percent) and a great deal of diversity both culturally and in the city's industries. Plus, the city has a population of which nearly 28 percent is between the ages of 27 and 34, and the flow of new millenial residents is around 6.5 percent. Not only that, but Cambridge received high grades for amenities like coffee shops and bars and restaurants.

2. Manhattan, NY
While Cambridge is a great city for a number of different reasons, Think Advisor decided to shine a spotlight on Manhattan, New York. This major borough is especially noteworthy for a relatively low unemployment rate - just below 5.7 percent - while also having a steady stream of millennial newcomers at 3.1 percent. Already, the region's population is comprised of 22.1 percent of people between the ages of 25 and 34. And while amenities are also a huge component of life in Manhattan, it also gained bonus points for receiving one of the better commuting grades on the entire list. For young professionals, it's important to live and work in the same area to increase familiarity and engagement.

3. Seattle, WA
When Time magazine was compiling its set of the best places for millennials and young professionals, Seattle topped the list. Perhaps the biggest reason is because the city has a noticeably higher number of people between the ages of 25 to 34 with 24.1 percent overall; for context, the national average for similar big cities is 22.9 percent. But Seattle has so much more going for it. Like a median income of $67,000 per year - the national urban average is $50,787 - a rate of job growth that's inching closer to 11 percent, and a great nightlife and other cultural amenities. It's no wonder many are calling Seattle the next big metropolitan hub of the West Coast.

"San Francisco is home to a slew of tech companies."

4. San Francisco, CA
In mid-2015, CBS News assembled a list of the industries where millennials are landing the most work. In a field of just 10, one trend quickly emerged: tech-related fields are where many millennials are making their careers. It's no wonder, then, that would name San Francisco as one of its best destinations for young working millennials. The City by the Bay is home to a number of big-name tech firms, including Google, Yelp, Wikipedia, Dropbox, FitBit, Klout, reddit and many more. But there is so much more to San Francisco then tech companies, including a low unemployment rate (5.2 percent), a great influx of new millennial workers and a great ratio between median income and cost of living.

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