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Staying motivated before and during your move

Staying motivated before and during your move

It's one thing to get through a move and make sure all your belongings - and family members - make it to your new home. It's another to stay motivated throughout the process. Although this kind of positivity requires a little bit of extra work up front, it can help you progress through the many stages of your move with more focus and less stress.

Set goals

"Setting goals is a major step forward in staying motivated."

Creating a timeline of goals is a major step forward in staying motivated. Goals are practical, of course. They help guide you through a complicated moving process and keep you on track, avoiding last-minute surprises and the consequences of forgetting to handle an important task. They also serve as a source of positive reinforcement, letting you know you're that much closer to completing the move. Take a little time to make a list of goals in chronological order, from finding movers to getting services set up at your new home, and follow it in the weeks and months ahead.


Unless you're making the move by yourself, you have the opportunity to delegate responsibilities to other family members. This is an important task in terms of staying focused and calm. Your spouse can take on some important tasks, from taking responsibility for packing to handling change-of-address forms, and your kids can take on age-appropriate duties too. Although younger kids can only do so much, many teens can take responsibility for needs like packing and cleaning their rooms.

Delegating makes it easier for you to focus on the tasks you're best-suited to complete and keep the process of moving rolling along smoothly.

Give yourself a break

Moving day is busy and full of work. But you can't keep going without a few breaks. Taking a little time to rest and recharge is important to maintain your motivation and get through the day positively. Be sure to set aside time in your schedule on the big day to hydrate, eat and rest. You have plenty of options, from ordering something simple to eat on the move, like pizza or sandwiches, to bringing a meal packed in a cooler in the family car.

Additionally, don't forget to eat a good breakfast as well as bring healthy snacks and plenty of water. Don't be afraid of taking a few minutes to rest or simply assess the current move, either. Fuel yourself and maintain your energy levels for the best possible result.

Stay upbeat

Staying hydrated and well-fed is crucial to maintaining positive motivation, but sometimes it's not enough. When it comes time to unload, unpack and start setting up your new home, a good playlist can go a long way. Making the list is a fun activity in itself, and some favorite tunes can help you push through the last major task of moving day.

Working with the professional movers and packers at Atlas will lighten your load, helping you achieve your moving goals and wrap up the day on a positive note. Get in touch today to learn how we help your move succeed.

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