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February 26, 2024

Post-Move Priorities: 6 Priorities to Help You Get Settled

Reviewed By: Kelly Cruse, VP Human Resources & Chief Diversity Officer, Atlas World Group - 20+ Years in HR, Recruitment Trends, and DE&I

Post-Move Priorities: 6 Priorities to Help You Get Settled
You have finally arrived in your new home, your movers have left, and you are ready to get settled. Settling into a new space involves more than simply unpacking boxes and arranging furniture; it is about creating a sense of belonging. 

To make your home more comfortable and improve peace of mind, check these six things off your list:

1. Change the Locks

Changing the locks upon moving into a new home is not only a recommended precaution but also a step towards security and peace of mind. 

While the previous occupants may have turned over their keys, there is no way to guarantee that duplicates do not exist or that all copies were returned. Once you move in, be sure to change the locks on all exterior doors of your new home.

2. Deep Clean and Inspect

Conducting a thorough deep clean provides an opportunity to remove accumulated dirt and allergens left behind by previous occupants. While you are deep cleaning, you can also inspect your home for areas needing attention. 

Performing an inspection while cleaning allows you to identify any existing issues, including spotting water damage, addressing mold growth, or detecting pest infestations. This will allow you to not only address current problems but also identify areas to look out for in the future.

3. Update Your Address and Forward the Mail

Once you arrive at your new home, you will want to inform the post office, financial institutions, and service providers of your new address. Failure to do so could result in missed bills or delayed deliveries. 

Additionally, setting up mail forwarding with the postal service ensures that any residual mail destined for your previous address reaches you at your new location. Plus, if you forget about one or two companies while updating your address, you will still receive notices and letters from them through forwarded mail.

4. Test Safety Features Throughout Your Home

Protecting your family against potential hazards begins with ensuring that all safety features are fully functional and up to standard. Test smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms, fire extinguishers, and security systems. 

Regular maintenance and testing of these safety devices are essential to their effectiveness, as minor malfunctions or dead batteries can compromise their functionality. 

5. Unpack and Settle In 

Before all the furniture is in place, the dishes are in the cupboard, and - most importantly for some - the internet and TV are set up, a new house will not yet feel like home. It can feel like a daunting task to go from boxes and protective wrapping to a fully organized and established home, but it is worthwhile to get it done early on.

Start with the rooms used most frequently and move out to the rooms that do not see as much regular foot traffic. Start with the kitchen and bedrooms and slowly move out into the dining room, basement, and garage.

By getting your spouse, kids, and any other relatives to help, you can lighten the load and assign tasks. Fit family members can take on the heavy lifting, and the technically inclined can set up routers, TVs, cable boxes, computers, doorbell cameras, smart devices, and many other pieces of technology.

6. Explore Your New Neighborhood

Many people do plenty of research before moving into a new town, but it tends to focus on the big picture: school districts, hospitals, municipal services, and similar important considerations. While knowing where these facilities and service providers are located is vital, it does not represent the entirety of what is needed to truly feel at home.

Where will you go grocery shopping? What if you want to order a pizza or Chinese, Indian, or Thai food? Are there any parks, basketball or tennis courts, bike paths, or golf courses nearby? What if one of the kids gets sick? Is there a 24-hour pharmacy nearby? 

Answering these less pressing questions does not have to happen the day you move in, but knowing the answers can make you feel more comfortable and happier in your new home. Once you start to get everything unpacked, answering these questions will help you truly feel at home.

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