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Spring cleaning advice for before and after a move

Spring cleaning advice for before and after a move

Spring is a great season to move. The weather is often mild or warm without being swelteringly hot. More sunshine means longer days and an extended amount of time to take on a variety of moving tasks.

Spring is also a common time for sweeping, dusting, reorganizing and much more. Depending on the specifics of your move, you could end up cleaning your new house, old home or both. Consider these tips to keep your cleaning workload balanced and positive.

Be reasonable when cleaning your old place

If you're moving out of an apartment or another type of rental property, you'll probably be required to clean it up if you want your safety deposit back. Otherwise, you may just want to clean up to give the new residents a nice welcome. Either way, don't spend too much time making sure every surface is absolutely spotless.

The Hairpin said the most common standard for rentals is "broom clean," a somewhat unclear term that you might want to clarify with your landlord. In general, focus on bringing everything up to a reasonable level of cleanliness instead of putting in lots of extra time and effort to wipe down the tops of windowsills or deeply scrub all the floors on your hands and knees. It's likely the new owners or renters will clean themselves or bring in professionals, putting in some effort of their own no matter how spotless you make your old home.

You need to consider cleaning your new and old homes when moving.You need to consider cleaning your new and old homes when moving.

Consider your options for your new home

Hopefully, the last people to live inside your new residence will have taken similar steps to the ones we just reviewed. If they have, you can focus on bringing the home up to your personal standard of cleanliness and tackle any specific concerns you find upon arrival.

If you saw your new home up close prior to arriving with your roommates or family, movers and packers in tow, you'll have a good idea of what needs to be done. Consider splitting up the work and making a schedule that takes the disruption of a move into account to make the entire process more positive and manageable. The Spruce offers a detailed guide to cleaning a new home.

If your new place is far below your standards in terms of cleanliness, you can consider bringing in professional cleaners. Depending on the size of your home and the state it's in - as well as how much energy the move takes out of you - getting some cleaning help can go a long way. Just make sure to get a few estimates, and don't spend the money on cleaners if you don't feel comfortable doing so.

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