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Making your move as comfortable as possible for your pet

Making your move as comfortable as possible for your pet

While moving can be a difficult although rewarding experience for all of the people involved, your pets may be even more stressed out by the process. The changes to long-established routines, the transition from one home to the next and the travel involved can all create a negative impact. How can you make moving with your pets a safe and comfortable experience? Consider this advice:

A man holding his pet cat.With a little special consideration, you can help your pet get through the moving process and settle in at your new home.

Stick to the routine as much as possible

Many pets do best when they follow a routine. While sticking to the exact same schedule isn't usually possible during a move, there are a few ways to lessen the impact on your furry (or feathered, or scaly) friends. The ASPCA recommended bringing moving boxes in early and keeping your pet in a familiar, unchanged room as you pack up.

On moving day, you have several options if you're staying in the local area. Arrange to take your dog to a daycare it's been to before or to a friend or family member's house it's visited in the past. You can also keep your pet in a closed, quiet room with some food, water and familiar items - like toys and a bed or blanket - if you'll be home during the move.

Keeping your pet comfortable during a long-distance move

If you're moving across the country with your pets, our guide to moving with pets can help you understand the many requirements you may need to address. From a comfort and safety perspective, be sure to talk to your vet about the issue. Make sure to have food and water on hand, identify areas where you can take your pet to stretch, exercise and relieve itself and pay attention to any signs that it may be uncomfortable or in distress. This is easy enough for air travel - you can either check on an airport's website or call to ask about these facilities. If you're driving, plan stops along the way, check that any lodging you may need to stay at is pet friendly and be sure to never leave your pet by itself inside your car for an extended period of time.

What to do when you arrive

Helping your pet feel comfortable in your new home will go a long way toward making the transition that much easier. HGTV suggested letting your pet explore to an extent, but also setting boundaries before everything is unpacked and set up. This approach, which is easy enough to realize with a few pet gates and closed doors, allows you to keep your pets safe while also getting them more familiar with their new home. You can let them have as much access as you like once you know everything is safe.

Keep your movers and packers in the loop

If you'll have a pet around on moving day, make sure everyone involved is aware of its presence. Give your movers and packers a heads up to not open a certain door or to use a certain area of the house to stack boxes. You should also make sure your pet has a safe space where it won't find itself underfoot during a busy moving day.

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