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Making a post-move plan so your new house feels like a home

Making a post-move plan so your new house feels like a home

The days, weeks and months leading up to a move are busy ones, to say the least. After moving day arrives, you'll obviously want to take a breather and enjoy being in a fresh, new space. However, there's one major task left on the list before you can put your move behind you: Unpacking and setting up your new home.

How can you make this effort a productive, positive and quick one? The following steps can help you get started.

Develop your unpacking strategy well before moving day

A stack of unlabeled boxes is one of the worst ways to start unpacking. Depending on how much stuff came with you to your new home, you may have to spend hours finding out what's in each box and bringing it to the right part of the house before you can start setting everything up. There's a much easier way to get all of those boxes in position for the last major push of the moving process. Use these three pieces of advice:

  1. As much as is practical, only pack things from a single room or area into a given box.
  2. Label each and every box with a number, letter or even color.
  3. Keep a master reference list of each box's intended destination and contents somewhere safe. Consider emailing it to yourself to save a copy or putting it in cloud storage through your phone.

With a little additional effort during the packing process, you - or your movers, if you don't want to take on all the lugging and lifting yourself - can get a head start on putting everything in its place in your new home.

A couple unpacking boxes inside a house.Planning how you'll unpack helps make your first days in your new house easier.

Set reasonable, manageable goals

Moving can be an all-day affair, and it's often the culmination of weeks of gradually larger time commitments. From making phone calls to holding a yard sale or donating things you don't want to move to a local charity, there's plenty to do. It's reasonable, then, to not want to fully unpack on moving day or even during the days afterward. With your list of the contents of each box in hand (or saved on your phone) you don't have to.

As long as the things that absolutely need to be unpacked that day can be put away or to use, whether it's work clothes, bedding or the cords for your TV, you can spread out the unpacking process. To make things easier, consider setting goals for unboxing your possessions that balance progress and convenience. For example, day one might just involve dishes for the kitchen, clothes and bedding. You can work your way out from there, taking care of things that are less time-sensitive later on.

Taking this approach also makes it easier to handle another task that can come along with moving into a new space: cleaning. While some homeowners and rental property owners are considerate and leave your new home free of dust and dirt, there's no requirement that a space be spotless before you move in. If you need to clean before unpacking, going room by room helps spread out the work.

Save time by calling professional movers and packers

The best way to keep your energy up and avoid being totally worn out at the end of moving day is to have someone else deal with the hard work. Atlas is here to help make your move a breeze with professional movers and packers. Unpacking is easy when you have skilled, trustworthy movers and packers put all your boxes and possessions where they belong on moving day.

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