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How to make moving in and living with roommates that much easier

How to make moving in and living with roommates that much easier

Living with roommates can help you find a place that's closer to downtown or cuts down on your commute time. The money you save can go to everything from having a little more fun to boosting your savings. Spending so much time in close quarters means making some special considerations. Let's look at how to make your roommate situation as enjoyable as possible.

Two roommates moving into a new apartment.Living with roommates requires some special considerations.

Set your ground rules early

It's not always easy to sit down and make decisions about things like finances or chores, but reaching a consensus that can be referred to later on if a problem arises is extremely valuable. After you've gone through the process of physically moving in, ask your roommates to spend a little time making decisions about important topics where everyone is involved. You can decide how you want to split up the housework, if you want to share grocery shopping duties, how you'll resolve problems that arise within the house, and much more. Creating some simple expectations helps you avoid situations where what feels like an unspoken agreement isn't viewed the same way by all roommates.

Compromise and be considerate

Living in your own space comes with the benefit of doing everything exactly as you'd like to. The benefits of living with roommates - lower costs and access to a wider variety of places to live - means you need to respect the needs of the people you live with. Compromise and courtesy are key, whether it's being careful to not let your alarm go off several times each morning (especially if your roommate works second shift and sleeps until noon) or reaching an agreement about how late friends can stay on the weekends. You may be a habitual snooze button user or someone who prefers to be early to bed and to rise, so determine what's most important to you and be willing to bargain on other issues. As long as you can get everyone on the same page about these compromises, your living space can easily become more harmonious.

Compromising can also pay off financially. Start a group text or email chain to figure out who will bring what to a new apartment, and you'll likely save some money on appliances, decor and essentials.

In terms of being considerate, there are a few things to keep in mind that can keep your roommate relationships positive:

  • Use headphones when watching or listening to something late at night or early in the morning.
  • Giving advance notice about visitors, gatherings and late-night arrivals is an easy way to be courteous.
  • Become aware of your own habits and be willing to make changes if you realize they can annoy other people - or your roommates bring up a problem.

Making moving in easy

A long day of lugging boxes up a few flights of stairs or trying to fit furniture through a tight hallway can make tempers flare. You can let your local Atlas agent provide the professional movers and packers to handle the heavy lifting. To learn more, get in touch today!

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