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How to complete a sustainable move

How to complete a sustainable move

An eco-friendly move is a high priority for many homebuyers. Making the moving process greener and more sustainable doesn't have to be a complicated or difficult affair - there are plenty of small, simple changes that everyone can act on. Let's look at some straightforward ways you can minimize the ecological impact of your upcoming move.

Reuse, reduce and recycle

"An eco-friendly move is a high priority for many homebuyers."

You'll probably end up buying some moving boxes - or having our movers and packers take on the entire task - but you can limit your spending and influence on the environment by taking stock of the many suitable containers you already own. One example is using suitcases and other pieces of luggage to transport your clothing. These effective containers are designed with that specific purpose in mind, meaning they do a great job protecting everything from T-shirts to winter coats in transit.

There are plenty of other existing containers to consider, too. You may have plastic bins, reusable grocery bags or old moving boxes stashed in your garage. Get all of these items together and use them before buying new boxes. You might even want to ask your local supermarket or liquor store if they have any cardboard boxes from recent shipments that you can take home. Additionally, you can use towels, pillows and blankets to protect some items, reducing your need for new packing supplies.

Finally, consider consolidating your belongings and getting rid of things you don't regularly use. You might want to sell them, whether individually or as part of a moving sale, or donate them to a local nonprofit. Cutting down on your total number of possessions means a lighter load and less gas used for the trip.

The best part of all these tips? They save you money, meaning a greener moving process alongside more green in your wallet.

Movers unloading  a moving truck.A sustainable move can spring from a series of simple, easy decisions.

Buy recyclable and biodegradable supplies

Most movers will have to spend some money on supplies once they use up what they already own, but that doesn't have to mean creating a negative environmental impact. Cardboard is already recyclable, and there are green options for packing peanuts - often made out of processed grain products, with some dissolvable in water - and alternatives to plastic bubble wrap. Packing paper is also easily recycled and often just as cost-effective as other options.

Keep an eye on the long term

"Effective recycling goes beyond the packing phase of the move."

Effective recycling goes beyond the packing phase of the move. Taking a little extra time to carefully open and break down boxes and store packing materials instead of throwing them out leaves you with plenty of supplies to share with another person or family about to undertake their own move. There are plenty of local options, from community bulletin boards to locally based websites and social media posts, where you can offer these still-valuable items to other movers.

Work with a mover focused on sustainable practices

At Atlas, we value the decisions made by many people to make their moves more environmentally friendly. Our Sustainable Agent certification helps you identify long-distance and local movers who meet high standards related to materials management, transportation, administration, facilities and local community involvement. Choosing an agent that has earned our certification means extending the influence of your decision to have an eco-friendly move, ensuring the process has minimal ecological impact from start to finish.

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