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October 20, 2014

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Atlas Logistics Aligns for Enhanced Service

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Atlas Logistics aligned into one department at Atlas headquarters in February of 2014. Newly appointed Vice President & General Manager Phil Wahl says the improved efficiencies are designed to offer best-in-class service, and to continue the increased logistics success that Atlas has experienced over the last couple of years.

As you read in the previous issue of the Amplifier, Atlas brought its three logistics entities together last year as Atlas Logistics. Each brings technology, networks, and operations knowledge for turnkey answers to any logistics scenario. The new structure supports better service for companies all over the world.

In February, Atlas President & COO Jack Griffin announced an important change in the organization. The operations groups for STG and AWG Logistics are now combined in one department at Atlas headquarters.

“This reorganization provides added rigor to our operational processes and enhances the focus on both of these divisions to elevate service levels across all product lines,” says Jack. Newly appointed AWG Logistics Vice President & General Manager Phil Wahlsays “the reorganization will allow Atlas to offer best-in-class service, and will continue the success that AWG Logistics has experienced over its first couple of years.“

David Coulter, Vice President of Sales, STG, adds that “by bringing these two groups together, it enables us to better utilize our corporate and agent fleets and to gain important efficiencies. It enhances our ability to grow the business—we can answer agents more responsively with one point of contact.”

“A single branded identity enables us to better respond to our agents when they have business opportunities,” says Robert Hannegan, Titan Vice President and General Manager. “With all business leads going to one place, we can more quickly determine the best fit — and get the lead to the right service provider.

Phil Wahl

Phil Wahl
Vice President & General Manager
Atlas Logistics