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October 10, 2014

Lighter Waits

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lighter waits - atlas introduces a new solution for shipments under 4,000 poundsTiming, pricing, capacity – the logistical variables put lighter moves in a class all their own. Although they are commonly referred to as "small shipments," they are no less important than moves that take an entire trailer. Now, Atlas has developed a new approach for handling them. 

"We are now serving smaller shipments through Atlas Logistics," says Kathy Thompson, Director of Contract Administration and Pricing Services. "This opens us up to options beyond our Atlas agency network and capacity from capable third-party providers." 

Pricing for the new service is based on the familiar ATVL Tariff 1000. 

"Atlas agents are selling the service, not Atlas," says Kathy. "They understand the tariff, so they can start booking business right away. And the discount structure provides reasonable margins at both origin and destination. This service allows agents to compete and be profitable." 

Customer Savings 
Atlas packing and loading is a customer's best assurance for the safe transport of their goods. As with every household goods shipment, all Atlas workers involved in the new service have been screened with thorough background checks. 

"We don't hire just anyone," says Kathy. "Atlas is known for the professionalism of our workforce, including people trained in the best techniques for packing and loading." 

For corporate customers, the service gets employees relocated more quickly and supports a healthier bottom line. 

"The main advantage for employers is a reduction in total costs for relocating an employee. Quicker transit times than those often associated with smaller shipments mean the per diem costs are less, and the employee is settled quicker," says Kathy. "The transportation itself carries a premium. But depending upon the per diem expense, the savings can more than make up the difference." 

How It Works 
  • The Atlas origin agent books the order and serves as CSR throughout the move.
  • There is a 10-day advance booking notice prior to loading. 
  • The origin crew packs and loads goods into lift vans, which the agency driver transports to the local warehouse. 
  • Atlas Logistics determines best choice for over-the-road transit and arranges pickup of the lift vans. 
  • Driver delivers lift vans to destination agent's warehouse. 
  • Destination agent provides local delivery, unloading and unpacking at residence.