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April 25, 2015

We Listen.

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Avail hears – and answers with a lump-sum solution

movr - The world's best services for the person in motion. At your command.

Two words may be the simplest way to describe the essence of Avail’s value proposition: We listen. 

“Listening is job one in every customer interaction,” says Mary Beth Johnson, Vice President of Avail Move Management. “Listening enables us to provide the kind of service people expect when they move.” 

A prime example, says Mary Beth, is movr™—a unique, new, web-based service Avail has developed for corporate and private clients. 

“Corporate relocation professionals told us they need help easing the move process for employees, in particular for those who receive a lump-sum benefit,” says Mary Beth. “We heard them, and we are answering their concerns.” 

Avail launched on the last day of March. The website offers a tool for employees with a lump sum to use their funds prudently and move well. At the same time, movr takes pressure off the corporate relocation professional, reassuring them their employees can access the necessary guidance for a successful transition.

And, while movr is a great tool for corporate client transferees, it was also conceived with the private client in mind. Anyone with an Atlas registration number may use the site. It has been designed to appeal most strongly to Millennials—a demographic that represents a large percentage of the lump-sum recipients, and who are comfortable with searching and shopping online. 

Currently, movr offers the basics—education on how to plan a move, tips on getting the best value, a tool for budgeting, links to qualified, vetted service providers, and special discounts. While it respects user anonymity, it also allows the option to register and gain greater access to content. More features are coming.

“This is a dynamic system, and we will add capabilities as the market dictates,” says Mary Beth. “In other words, we’re still listening . . . and we’ll keep listening to make sure movr does what our clients tell us they need.”

“Why I count on Avail to listen.”

Day to day, Avail Customer Service Representatives prove that listening can replace customer concerns with smiles. “Every customer has a hot button,” says Bill Duggan,President, Wm. Duggan Co. (2189). “If you can take away their pain, you can make them happy. Avail does a great job of making our corporate clients happy.” 

Bill cites a recent shipment for which Avail worked out a transportation schedule that dovetailed with the customer’s schedule. It took some creative thinking, but it eliminated a sizable per diem expense and avoided having to place items in storage. Overall, Avail trimmed a few thousand dollars off the move—direct savings for the client.

"Avail understands and manages my customers’ expectations well,” says Bill. “They listen and they think things through to come up with the best answer.”

“Frankly, they do a better job of client relations than we can, and having them manage this important aspect of our service gives us the flexibility to handle greater workloads without additional personnel.” 

Avail listens on the Atlas Loop. Share your feedback there, and find out about training to help you provide movr.™