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October 31, 2017

New Energy, New Results

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At Avail Move Management,® “new” is the operative word. New value additions and new clients. New opportunities with Atlas sister companies. A newly freshened brand message. It all adds up to new results. 

“As a provider of private label move management services for Atlas Agents, our customer service representatives (CSRs) slip into the culture of the agency,” says Nicole Boren, Manager, National Accounts. “We offer quick access to skilled, knowledgeable people at a highly competitive cost.

Nicole says that Avail CSRs thoroughly understand the move process and know how to keep customers happy throughout the move. For all practical purposes, they appear to the customer as part of the agent’s staff.

For these reasons, it’s no wonder Avail has seen its CSR service to agents grow by 100 percent since the start of the year. Is more growth on tap? 

“We believe 2017 is a sign of much more to come in our CSR business,” says Jessica Nichols, Director, National Accounts. “We see this as the start of a new period of sustainable growth.”

“Strong Corps, Strong Core.”

Avail’s core business, move management, puts big data insights in the move manager’s hands. It’s a “power tool” that literally pays for itself.

“Avail’s move management platform is robust and beneficial for clients,” says Tim Hall, Vice President, Business Development, Atlas International. “It’s all-encompassing, covering every move component to increase efficiencies and reduce cost.” 

Tim says Avail provides his team a competitive advantage as they pursue opportunities to win new clients and improve performance with existing ones. He especially likes the customized power of Avail’s information. 

“This isn’t software out of a box,” says Tim. “Reporting is flexible — it speaks to each client individually.”  

No canned answers.

Every company has its own mountains to climb. Avail is often asked for new ideas to make the climb easier, as it was recently by an international e-commerce giant.  

“The company was seeing a detailed report on their shipments,” says Lindsay Heilman, National Account Executive. “But they needed better clarity on carrier performance.”  

It’s not unheard of, says Lindsay, that a carrier may log excellent transit times, yet transferees are less than satisfied. So Avail’s customer experience experts crafted a simple post-move survey. It goes to transferees as a link and opens a short form that takes about a minute to complete. 

“The results are painting a much clearer picture of carrier performance,” says Lindsay. “The client is getting new insights to support transit times and customer satisfaction.” 

New Advances for movr™

Avail’s movr,™ a web-based tool for transferees to self-manage a move, brought some exciting changes to market in July. A new mobile app (Android and iOS) hit the market, as well as a branded debit card. The movr card gives employees an easy way to use their funds, and it gives employers insight on how those funds are being spent.

“I sell movr every chance I get,” says Mark Rabe, SCRP SGMS, Senior Vice President, Global Development, Cornerstone Relocation Group. “It’s a great product for helping people maximize the use of their budget and save, especially younger people who prefer to use a smart phone and handle their own move." Mark says movr has come a long way and continues to improve. “The more users we get, the more feedback we get…and that will make movr even better.”

The new app is part of a rebranding for “trusted global move management” with a refreshed website and new marketing collateral. To know more, visit:

Avail Yourself Today

“The off-season is the best time to become familiar with Avail’s services,” says Jessica Nichols, Director, National Accounts. “You don’t have to scramble — you can easily have Avail in place when business heats back up. And if you are getting push-back from procurement teams, Avail equips you to show not just the cost of move services, but their value.”