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Keep Our Service Men and Women in Your Heart

The entire Atlas® family wishes to express gratitude and appreciation to the courageous men and women who serve our country in the armed forces. In particular, we ask you to keep the following employees and members of our agent families in your thoughts and prayers.

Atlas Associate Service Member Relationship Atlas Associate Location
Farrell Allsup Clayton Mounce Son-in-law Daze Transfer & Storage, Inc. (723)
Roger Babbitt Kevin Lacy Brother-in-law NMS Moving Systems, Inc. (1533)
Meredith Baggett Wesley Ruedlinger Nephew Avail Move Management
Steve Bailey William B. Bailey Son Nelson Westerberg (1517)
Theresa Banta Neil S. Banta Son Ace Relocation Systems, Inc. (62)
Ed Bean Jessie Bean Son Ace Moving & Storage, LLC (1406)
Dave Blackburn Robert Joseph Blackburn Son Van Operator, DMS Moving Systems (0800)
Richard Bland Elliot Timms Nephew Atlas Logistics 
Rick Brimley Don Allred Son-in-law Mountain States Moving & Storage Co., Inc. (1451)
Carroll Brittell Colten Powell Grandson Ace Relocation Systems, Inc. (75)
  Clayton Powell Grandson  
Frank Budd Steve Budd Nephew Myers Transfer & Storage Systems, Inc. (1450)
Clyde Byrne Brian Cummings Stepson Ace Relocation Systems, Inc. (15)
Jennifer & Keith Campbell James A. Hicks Son/Stepson Smith Dray Line & Storage, Inc. (2273)
  Michael A. Hicks Son/Stepson  
Joel Cohen Aaron Pierce Nephew Metropolitan Van & Storage, Inc. (1418)
Melissa Compton Josiah Cavanaugh Son Atlas Logistics 
Scott Coyle Active Reservist   Ace Midwest Moving and Storage (191)
Larry “Doc” Criqui Brett D. Criqui Son Kansas Van & Storage, Criqui Corporation (1286)
Joan Duggan Andrew Duggan Son Atlas World Group Headquarters
Fred Falla Ryan DeCoste Grandson Falla Cartage & Movers Ltd. (8570)
Michael Fazio Robert Szeligowski Nephew Nelson Westerberg (1523)
  Jason Szeligowski Nephew  
Bonnie FirstRaised Astacia Anderson Daughter Discover Moving & Storage, Inc. (539)
Melanie Freeman William J. Freeman Brother Advance Relocation Systems (59)
Thomas W. Hoffa Keith W. Hoffa Son Collins Brothers Moving Corp. (547)
Jim Hough Jeff Hough Son Ace Relocation Systems, Inc. (66)
Kelly Howard Wayne Howard Husband Guardian Storage, Inc. (1012)
Amanda Jillson Zachary Scott Nephew Atlas World Group Headquarters
Mary Johannes Kirk Linder Nephew Reads Moving Systems of Florida, Inc. (1724)
  James Hobby III Stepson  
Patrice Jones Dawn Link Daughter-in-law Daze Transfer & Storage, Inc. (723)
Pat Kelly Justin Casey Son Alexander’s Mobility Services (207)
Audrey Kingsland Kenneth Clifford Montross Cousin Cornerstone Relocation Group, LLC
Teresa Kintop John Kintop Husband Ace Relocation Systems, Inc. (62)
Jane M. Kiser Kyle M. Kiser Son Atlantic Relocation Systems (1148)
David Ledford Mark Ledford Brother Ace Moving & Storage, LLC (1406)
Brandy Lumbert Nick Lumbert Husband Imlach & Collins Brothers, LLC (1132)
John Lutwyche Bryan Lampinen Son-in-law Van Operator, Nelson Westerberg (1505)
Shannon Martin Michele Mathews Sister Ace Relocation Systems, Inc. (62)
Annie Mejias Mason Cruz Son Collins Brothers Moving Corp. (547)
Jack Mier Jack A. Mier Son Imlach Group (1130)
Tammy Miller Virgil I. Ebrecht, Jr. Brother Atlas World Group Headquarters
Patricia Miranda Jose Herrera Son-in-law Ace Relocation Systems, Inc. (62)
  Alex Trinidad Nephew  
Frank Moreno Tracy Otto Sister Ace Relocation Systems, Inc. (66)
Imelda Navasca Jason Weintraub Brother-in-law AWG International
  Joshua Weintraub Nephew  
Ken Niesner Melissa Rieger Granddaughter Specialty Moving Systems, Inc. (1811)
David Olson Sr. David Olson Jr. Son Atlantic Relocation Systems (1148)
Dennise Pasichnyk John Pasichnyk Son Santiego Worldwide, Inc. (1808)
Beverly Rockhold Jared Mount Son Guardian Relocation of Ohio (1111)
  Joshua Mount Son  
Ginny Royer Jason Royer Son Ace Moving & Storage, LLC (1406)
Tim Ruddle Jason Hendrix Son-in-law Reads Moving Systems of Richmond, Inc. (1701)
Theresa Russell Justin Mayer Stepbrother Roush Moving & Storage, Inc. (1773)
  Steven Washechek Brother  
John Scott Justin Scott Son Atlas World Group Headquarters
  Kristopher Scott Son  
Stephanie Shelton Stephen Johnston
Kyle Walts
Atlas World Group Headquarters
Chris Shipp Nicolas Mello Nephew Ace Relocation Systems, Inc. (25)
Lynn Skillman Matthew O’Malley Niece’s Husband Discover Moving & Storage, Inc. (539)
Rex Stierhoff Jacob T. Stierhoff Son Superior Mobility Services, LLC (1902)
Tammy Teague Nick Lumbert Son-in-law Imlach & Collins Brothers, LLC (1132)
Monique Tennison Starr Love-Phillips Niece Ace Relocation Systems, Inc. (62)
Sue Tonkel Nichalos A. Tucker Son-in-law Guardian Relocation Inc. (1040)
Steve Warner Timon Davis Son Warners Moving & Storage (2144)
Tammy Warrick Joshua Shaw Nephew Ace Relocation Systems, Inc. (43)
Cindy & Barney Wint Jesse Woods Nephew Atlas World Group Headquarters
Belynda Woodruff Barry Woodruff Husband Ace Moving & Storage, LLC (1406)
Debbie & Robert Wright Lacie Barela Daughter Atlantic Relocation Systems (1427)
Angela Zuke Trevor Olsen Son Atlantic Relocation Systems (1038)