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Pet Transport Requires Pet Carriers

Pet carriers are essential.

A portable kennel, or pet carrier, is an essential purchase for pet movers to ensure your pet's safety and comfort. You can purchase pet carriers at local pet stores and at most airlines as long as you give 48 hours advance notice.

Cat laying in pet carrier before moving to new home

What should you look for in a pet carrier?

  • Size. The pet carrier should be just big enough for your dog or cat to stand up, turn around, and lie down.
  • Type. Even birds, lizards, and exotic pets need pet carriers. Conventional cages do not meet airline standards for exotic pets.
  • Cross-ventilation. Make sure your pet carrier has cross-ventilation and a leak-proof bottom to prevent any messes from spreading. Pets that get excited or nervous during travel should have absorbent layers added to their pet carrier for accidents.
  • Air Travel Standards. For air travel, kennels must meet U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and International Air Transport Association (IATA) standards.
  • Door Latch. Make sure the door latch closes securely, but don't lock it for air travel. Federal regulations require your pet to be accessible in an emergency. Velcro closures are the easiest to maneuver but restless pets can also open them more easily, so you may want to opt for zippers.

Federal regulations require your pet be accessible in an emergency so remember not to lock your pet carrier.

Keep your pet comfortable in the pet carrier.

The right pet carrier can reduce the amount of stress felt by you and your pet. If you have more questions about finding the right kennel for pet transport, contact your Atlas Agent.

  • Before the move. Keep the carrier out in your home with door latch open so your pet can enter and exit it at any time. Place some of your pet’s favorite treats in the carrier so they get used to going inside. Let your pet use the pet carrier as a bed leading up to the move.
  • During the move. Place a favorite toy or blanket inside to help your pet feel secure.
  • After the move. Don’t force your pet out of the pet carrier; it will make them nervous. Let them relax inside of their kennel while they adjust. Leave the pet carrier out for a couple of days until they get back into their normal routine.

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