Moving to Austin, TX

Austin, known as “The Live Music Capital of the World,” was named the best city for the next decade in 2010 by Kiplinger magazine, basing their results on Austin’s booming small-business industries and attractive live music scene. Austin was also listed as one of the top 25 best cities for shopping in 2012 by Lucky Magazine because of the centrality of shops in downtown Austin. But, if shopping or the live music scene isn’t your thing, Austin has more than 100 miles of waterways that are perfect for outdoor adventures, as well as camps and parks just for kids, providing a fun experience for multiple interests.

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Austin History

Austin’s history as the capitol of Texas begins in the mid-1800’s when it was just a small settlement known as Waterloo. In 1853, Austin erected its first Capitol building after the area experienced its first building boom. Throughout the 1880s, Austin expanded and laid the foundation for the city to grow into the thriving metropolis it is today.

Austin Weather

The Colorado River runs right through the city of Austin which is located in south central Texas. Austin’s climate is subtropical and averages about 300 days of sunshine every year. Summers are hot and winters are very mild, with only a few brief cold spells giving Austin an annual average temperature of 68.6° F.

Austin Transportation

People can reach their downtown destination from the airport or anywhere in the suburbs with the bus and metro systems. Also, with the extended weekend hours, night owls can save some money by traveling via public transportation. When you need a flight in or out of the Austin area, the Austin Bergstrom International Airport is readily available.

Cost of Living in Austin

Austin’s economy is growing and living in such a diversified city is expensive. These links show the city’s cost of living.

Austin Schools

The Austin Independent School District is the fifth largest school district in Texas. Through its 124 schools, the district provides an education to approximately 86,000 students.

Austin Hospitals

Seton Medical Center is the top-ranked general medical and surgical facility in Austin. This hospital ranks highly in specialties including gastroenterology, geriatrics, nephrology and pulmonology, to name a few. Also a general medical and surgical facility, St. David’s Medical Center is ranked as the number two hospital in Austin. St. David’s is highly ranked for two adult specialties: cardiology and heart surgery and orthopedics. If you’ve made Austin your new home, make sure you get to know the medical resources available:

Austin Real Estate

Prices of homes in Austin have increased in recent years, but are beginning to stabilize and create plenty of real estate opportunities. Use the links below to research these opportunities.

Austin Hotels

Hotels in Austin offer anything from a downtown hotspot to a beach getaway. Use the links below to find a hotel that is right for your trip.

Austin Restaurants

The restaurants in Austin are as diverse as the city. Use the restaurant guides and lists below to explore your eatery options in Austin.

Things To Do in Austin

Since Austin is the Live Music Capital of the World, there are plenty of touring musicians that stop through to perform in the city. Between concert venues, art centers, and shopping districts, there are numerous indoor activities for you to enjoy in Austin. There are also the Austin Lakes, beautiful beaches, and historical walking tours that provide opportunities for outdoor adventures.