Moving Tips & Tools

We understand there are many moving parts when relocating your life. That’s why Atlas® offers helpful tips and tools to ensure every step of your move goes as smoothly as possible.
How to Stretch Your Budget

Tips on Making and Saving Money for Your Move

When you go new places® with Atlas, we want you to get the best value from your moving budget. That means saving money on your moving expenses or even making money in the process. Relocating to a new space should be an adventure filled with new opportunities, not a drain on your finances.

That is why we have compiled a list below of ways you save money on your move before you begin the process, during your move, and after you have settled in.

20 Tips for Saving on Your Move

By taking advantage of simple tips, such as decluttering your belongings, you can save on moving costs, clear out clutter, and save yourself the work of unpacking items you do not need. Host a yard sale and sell off unwanted belongings to reduce your moving costs and put money back in your pocket to offset moving costs.

Your move does not have to be a financial burden. Take control of your moving budget and make your transition a cost-effective and rewarding experience.