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Common Household Plants and How To Care for Them

Type of Plant Plant Looks Cause Cure
Philodendron Leaves droop Too hot and dry Soak thoroughly, move to a cooler spot.
  Leaves turn yellow Too wet Make sure water is draining & let plant dry before watering again
  Leaves droop Too wet Allow soil to dry before watering.
Ficus Brown leaves Too cold Move to brighter, warmer place.
    Hot, dry air Use cool mist humidifier.
Dieffenbachia Lanky leaves Too dark Move to brighter spot.
(Dumb Cane) Spindly fronds Pot is too big Let it get root bound. Fertilize.
Boston Fern Brown fronds Dry air Use cool mist humidifier.
African Violet Spots on leaves Water on leaves Remove spotted leaves, water plant from the bottom to avoid getting water on leaves.
  No flowers Too dark Increase light intensity and fertilize.
Aloe-Vera Leaves topple over Too rootbound Re-pot, or divide plant.
  Leaves wither Too dry Water a little more often.
  Leaves droop Direct sun Move to more filtered light.
Dracaena Brown leaf tips Dry air and soil Mist and increase water.
(Dragon Tree)      
Parlor Palm Blackened leaf tips Soggy soil Reduce water.
Schefflera Leaf drop Cool air Move away from drafts.
Spider Plant Brown scorch marks on leaves Leaf shine damage Clean with pure water
  Rotting in center Too wet Allow to dry before watering.
  Brown leaf tips Too hot & dry Move away from direct sun, water more often.