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August 19, 2015

Effectively prepare your employees for job relocation

  • Corporate relocation
Here are a few ways to help employees prepare for their job relocation.

Employee relocation remains a common trend in today's corporate world. According to the results from Atlas Van Lines' 47th Annual Atlas Corporate Relocation Survey, nearly 25 percent of companies included in the survey expected increases in both employee relocation volume and budgeting for moving workers in 2014, with relocation numbers increasing at higher rates than budgets. Moving can be a difficult process for anyone, which is why employers should feel obligated to do their part in helping employees master this transition. Take a look at these tips for ensuring your employees have a successful move during their job relocation process:

Explain the move

First things first, you should effectively explain the reasons behind this employee's proposed relocation, as well as how it benefits him or her. After reviewing the circumstances or events that have shaped this move, review any potential offers available through this transition, such as salary increases or cost-of-living allowances. The more you can outline how this move caters to the good of the company and the employee, the better they can understand the change and accept a relocation.

Set up a visit

While Google searches and secondhand tips are useful for helping anyone gain a better understanding of their new location, nothing prepares someone for a change in scenery like visiting a city firsthand. Providing some time for your employee to spend a few days or weeks getting acquainted with his or her destination prior to the big move can help the individual and their family become more comfortable with the transition. Reach out to future co-workers at the new office, and see if someone is willing to act as a city guide or show him or her around the building. Having your employee meet a few co-workers before moving can relieve some of the tension.

"Reviewing benefits or compensation can help an employee better adjust to moving."

Cover relocation policies

Trust is always a primary trait every employer and employee needs. Be upfront with what this person can expect with his or her job relocation. Review any financial concerns, such as what moving expenses are tax deductible or what the company policies on relocation reimbursement are. Provide introductions to company human resource members if these employees haven't met yet, and provide the employee with a list of company contacts from the new office. The more involved you seem with your employee's move, the more confidence he or she will have with you.

Seek out other recently relocated employees

Experience is the best teacher, so introducing your employee to someone else within the company who has recently been relocated is always a wise move. Arrange some one-on-one time between these co-workers, so that person can enlighten the other on his or her moving experiences. From what to expect in terms of company compensation to suggestions on school recommendations for the kids, having someone who's personally experienced what an employee is about to go through will answer a lot of questions before relocation.

Reach out to a moving agent 

If you're trying to ensure the utmost quality for your employee's move, then you'll want a reliable service that's just as concerned about your worker's relocation experience as you are. Working with an Atlas Van Lines agent can help give your employee the personal attention he or she needs during this process so you can stay focused on other tasks at hand. An Atlas agency representative can meet with your employee prior to moving, review all estimates, scheduling and any other questions or concerns your employee may have. There are more than 300 independently owned moving and storage businesses across the country that are members of the Atlas Van Lines agency family, meaning you can find one that is within close proximity to where your employee is relocating.