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December 15, 2017

Advice for moving into a smaller space

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Use this advice to help you plan for moving into a smaller space.

Moving is always a big deal, but certain circumstances can make the transition from your old home to your new one a little more complicated. Moving into a smaller space certainly fits that bill. Whether your kids have recently left the nest or you simply decide you want a more efficient home with less unused square footage, there are plenty of reasons to move into a smaller space.

Adjusting to a more compact home and figuring out what to do with all your stuff are two of the most common concerns people face in this situation. Let's look at how to take on these challenges successfully:

A small, well-appointed apartment.A smaller space can be a great place to live.

Life in a more efficient yet smaller space

There are certain amenities in larger homes that smaller ones simply can't offer. You probably won't have an extra-spacious kitchen or as much storage space as you did in your old home. However, you also chose your new home because it was the most appealing out of all the others you considered, which gets you started on the right foot. You know which strengths attracted you to your new place, as well as its general layout.

One of the easiest things to do as you begin to adjust is think of all the positives. You're moving for a reason, so at least some, if not most, of the following major benefits apply:

  • Less time, money and effort spent on cleaning and maintenance.
  • A more centralized, less sprawling space.
  • More affordable.
  • Closer to work, family, friends and fun.

There are also plenty of more individual positives associated with moving into a smaller home. Think about them when you start feeling like you'll miss your current home after the move.

Dealing with less storage space

Your move is a great opportunity to cut down your possessions and make what you keep a better fit for your new space. Lifehacker suggested an innovative approach: Consider what you would replace if you were to lose all of your belongings. While that's not exactly a fun way to start the process, it will quickly give you valuable insight into the things you need, the things you simply want and those you may just feel attached to without regularly using.

On a more practical level, you should also measure the amount of storage space in your new home. There's most likely room for things you want but don't necessarily need - the difficult part is knowing exactly how much stuff you can bring with you.

Once you know what you'll get rid of, you can consider donating items as well as holding a moving sale. We have a dedicated page offering plenty of tips for such an event, which helps you sell more and offers the side benefit of collecting some extra cash to pay for your movers, packers and many other services.

No matter how much stuff you decide to keep as you move to smaller place, as a AAA member, you have a built-in advantage. Atlas offers Full Value Protection free of charge for all AAA members, an average savings of $600.