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November 10, 2016

5 tips for storing holiday decorations

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The way in which you store holiday decorations can have a huge impact on your many festivities.

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, fall and winter are chock full of great celebrations. And what better way to indulge than with a few decorative pieces? Whether it's a few wreaths or a collection of snowmen, these simple touches can help make your festivities truly memorable. But what happens once it's time to take these down for the year?

If you plan it right, you can make next year's setup a breeze and preserve your collection a little longer. Here are five handy tips to properly store all your holiday decorations:

"Color coded boxes are a snap to sort through."

1. Label everything 
Between every holiday, you can wind up with a lot of boxes to sort through. To help with the process, it's a good idea to color code each box; red or green, for instance, are the perfect choices for Christmas. If you have multiple boxes for your decorations, it's a good idea to label each one. Not just what's inside - lights, wreaths, etc. - but also in what order each item is within the box. It'll make finding and setting everything up a breeze! 

3. Make a decorations list
Not only is it a good idea to label everything in boxes, but some storage experts suggest keeping an inventory of all your decorations. This itemized list should not only include specifics, like the number of ornaments or length of light strands, but when these items were purchased. That way, you know when something might need to be replaced. This list can also make sure you don't go overboard with decorations, and that's going to save a lot in time, money and storage space.

3. Opt for specialty boxes
Some folks leave ornaments and lights in the same boxes for years. These boxes can break or tear, damaging your decorations. Luckily, there are several specialty boxes you can buy to protect each decoration. There are ones for lights, wreaths and even the ornaments, plus large plastic bags for your reusable tree. If you have any antique decorations, like ornaments you've passed down for generations, preserve these for longer by wrapping them in acid-free paper.

4. Or, find solutions at home
If you don't want to use specialty boxes, but still want to protect your decorations, there are several solutions available right at your home. For instance, use paper towel rolls to to store your lights; this will cut down on tangling. You can also just use old tins to store any fabric ornaments. Even plastic bins are a much better choice than cardboard, as they're more durable and won't break down. You can just use tubs to store certain trees, so long as there are wheels for easy movement.

5. Book storage space 
If you own a lot of decorations, you may want to consider finding a storage space instead. Not only are you freeing up valuable room within your home, but these facilities have a number of other benefits. They include precise temperature control and standardized levels of cleanliness. Atlas Van Lines is among the industry leaders for short and long-term storage. With 300 Atlas agents across the U.S., you'll quickly be able to find storage that is both affordable and convenient.