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November 29, 2017

Keeping your possessions safe while in self storage

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Choosing the right type of storage unit is vital for keeping your belongings safe.

No matter the size of your move nor the distance you cover, you might need to store some of your belongings. Self storage is a popular option that can be incredibly convenient when these facilities offer 24-7 access to units and easy entrance and exit. However, you also need to consider how to keep your possessions safe while they're not inside your home. Consider the following advice to protect your belongings while in self storage.

Know the weaknesses of your belongings

"Keeping your belongings safe in storage is a vital consideration."

Certain items can sit in a climate-controlled space for months or years without any ill effects. Others may not fare so well. Books, documents, photos and other types of paper will likely be fine for a few months in a storage unit as long as they're kept in containers.However, long-term exposure to humidity and other factors can cause damage, especially to photos. Tools, equipment and similar items made of metal need maintenance, like oiling moving parts, to prevent rust and other issues.

Furniture and bedding, alongside other items than can be flattened or damaged easily, present some unique factors to consider as well. Stacking upholstered furniture can lead to scratches and tears, although using old towels or similar protective layers can help avoid damage. Pillows and blankets can be compacted to a point where they can't simply be fluffed up again, another factor to consider when loading items into your storage unit.

Understand the area in and around your storage unit

Moisture is one of the most harmful elements that can affect your stored items. Some units will have elevated floors that protect against flooding but others may not. In that case, you need to use pallets or something similar to stop this type of potential damage from reaching your belongings.

You should also consider the area around your storage unit. Units that only have a door between them and the outside world can be affected by the elements, and the possibility of flooding or other very severe weather causing damage needs to be part of your thought process. While this type of situation is rare, it can cause serious damage to your belongings if it occurs.

Facility security is another factor to take into account. How hard would it be for someone with ill intent to get into the storage facility and potentially access your unit? The safest locations have several barriers between the outside world and your unit. In a similar vein, you may also want to consider purchasing and using a high-quality lock to make your unit as secure as possible.

The power of storage in transit

Alongside our experienced movers and packers, Atlas offers two alternatives to traditional self storage that make it easy for you to secure and collect your belongings. Our Storage in Transit option keeps your possessions safe in one of our warehouses until you're ready to receive them. Our long-term storage options offer a similar level of security over a larger period of time. To learn more, visit our website and get in touch with your local Atlas agent.