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December 9, 2020

New Market, New Network

  • Logistics
Atlas enters the e-commerce market with a new logistics program.

Consumer behavior is changing in response to the pandemic, with a solid trend toward online ordering and delivery. With the acquisition of a retail home delivery company and a new logistics program streamlining rates and services, Atlas Logistics® is positioned to win the last mile delivery market.

It's clear that e-commerce is the future, and Atlas is moving quickly to stay ahead. Earlier this year, Atlas
Logistics acquired TopHAT Logistical Solutions, a hugely successful, $50 million full-service logistics company that specializes in retail home delivery.

The latest move by Atlas opened up a whole new market and a wealth of opportunity just as corporate business started feeling the impact of the pandemic. The TopHAT acquisition has already been a success story, with revenue increasing by the millions as a direct result.

“The acquisition of TopHAT completed the puzzle of our network,” said Ben Johnson, Manager of Atlas Logistics. “We have a lot of commercial and transportation business, but there’s a lot of room to grow in the retail home delivery space.”

“The National Distribution Network is working to get rates across all four business units documented and established so that we have control of our own costs as we go to market.”
MATT VAN DER LINDE, VP of Business Development, Atlas Logistics®

Once the initial pandemic panic subsided, online retail business took off — with the direct-to-consumer delivery business right behind it. And now, under the umbrella of Atlas Logistics, TopHAT’s business is growing faster and stronger than ever before. Key clients like Wayfair, Costco and Amazon are rallying behind the partnership, excited to utilize the robust warehousing and transportation capabilities of the Atlas brand.

With the TopHAT acquisition rounding out the Atlas portfolio, Atlas Logistics is shifting focus toward implementing its National Distribution Network — a comprehensive logistics program that utilizes a common agency network and sets consistent rates across all four of the business groups operating under the Atlas Logistics umbrella.

What are the benefits? Establishing a consistent rate structure and agency betters operational efficiency. As business continues to expand for TopHAT, Specialized Transportation Group Company, Titan Global Distribution™ and the Atlas brokerage company, this new logistics program ensures that customers of each business group are procuring services at the same level and cost.

“The National Distribution Network is working to get rates across all four business units documented and
established so that we have control of our costs as we go to market,” said Matt Van der Linde, Vice President of Business Development for Atlas Logistics. “With it, we can price services more quickly and have a consistent story to tell as we bring new clients on board.”

Between the TopHAT acquisition and the National Distribution Network, the future of Atlas Logistics and
its subsidiaries is an exciting one. New retail home delivery opportunities, combined with a consistent rate
and service structure, make Atlas Logistics virtually unstoppable in the last mile delivery market.