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April 22, 2015

Building Great Organizations

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Linda Paskevicius


 By Lina Paskevicius

 Director, Consulting Services
 Cornerstone Relocation Group

Do those who build great organizations think differently about relocation management solutions? 

Organizations that invest wisely in relocation programs, as a general rule, mature their HR programs faster than their competitors. With a stable program, organizations can innovate unique and efficient business processes, enabling them to transform their industries. The outcome is organizations with cost efficiencies, inspired cultures, and increased performance. 

As a relocation management company, Cornerstone Relocation Group (Cornerstone) implements best-in-class solutions to serve clients. The synergy found in partnering with Atlas World Group companies is vital to our success. The financial strength and flexibility backed by our parent company and the network of Atlas partners allows us the resources to support our clients’ mobility programs, anywhere in the world.

As we enter our 25th year in business, and look back on all we have accomplished, we see these key developments: global expansion, strong supplier partnerships, and innovative technology solutions.

We are especially proud to serve clients with our innovative “Total Communications Center.” We recently implemented this unique component of TrackStar. Now our clients have access to precise, objective, and transparent response metrics on every single communication between Cornerstone’s consultants and their relocating employees. The Center triggers, tracks, records and reports all “touches” including:

  • Initial contact
  • Phone calls
  • Voice mail
  • Emails
  • Consultant notes

Cornerstone’s culture emphasizes responsiveness. With the help of the Center’s tasking system, proactive communication is ensured throughout the relocation. We measure all “touches” against specific metrics for time, which helps drive the highest level of satisfaction for clients’ employees. We also offer clients “Total Communications” reporting. The information provided from the Center provides an instant visual history of all communications. Our “Total Communications Center” is a unique functional solution with simplicity, clarity, accuracy and transparency. No other relocation management company has it.

At Cornerstone, we solve obvious problems through innovative solutions, resolving challenges which most relocation management companies ignore. We are changing the paradigm of what relocation management should be, one transferee at a time.

Mark Rabe, Vice President of Global Operations, Cornerstone

“At Cornerstone, we create peace of mind by helping organizations navigate the ever-evolving relocation industry. We implement innovative solutions to enhance the maturity of their HR program and eliminate risks. We take care of every detail so our clients don’t have to. We have a system that works.” –Mark Rabe, Vice President of Global Operations