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October 28, 2014

Gaining Momentum

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With strategic direction flowing from Vision 2018, Avail Move Management prepares for a bigger and more dynamic role in the moving industry.

Mary Beth Johnson and Sarah Whitaker

“We are in an exciting place right now.”
Phones. Computers. Tablets. A steady hum fills the offices of Avail Move Management. Every day, myriad tasks support the unbiased analysis and communication of move information. Beyond the sounds of business as usual, something else is in the air.

“We are in an exciting place right now,” says Sarah Whitaker, Manager, National Accounts. “We’re at the threshold of important changes—changes that will propel the Avail brand much further as a leader in move management.”

“From the beginning, our technology and reporting systems have been second to none for gathering, analyzing, and sharing move insights,” says Mary Beth Johnson, Assistant Vice President. “But recent enhancements to our system are a real game-changer.”

Sarah Whitaker and Mary Beth Johnson are Avail’s Vision 2018 strategy champions.

The technology that harnesses information is called Order Management, and it is both a workhorse and racehorse. It provides online access to move data for swift, accurate reporting and evaluation. Soon, a new feature set will give users the power to see and do even more.

“You’ll be able to view shipment documents, claims information—virtually every piece of information related to the relocation of an employee,” says Sarah. “You’ll have expanded reporting and the ability to drill down much deeper for detail.”

Updating the Value Proposition
Vision 2018 sees the Avail brand gaining wide industry recognition. “Prospective clients will recognize Avail as a respected industry leader in move management,” says Sarah.

Building such credibility begins with the value proposition. For clients of Avail, value derives from advocacy—unbiased auditing, reporting, and evaluation that serves the client’s best interest in every aspect of moving.

“Avail provides the tools and information needed to make sound decisions, acting as an advocate on behalf of your client,” says Mary Beth.

Along these lines, Mary Beth hints at an exciting project now in the works for release early next year.

“I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag, but suffice it to say we’re working on a breakthrough that will fill a huge void for the relocation industry. Stay tuned.”

Avail offers relocation professionals a third-party, unbiased provider of move management services with advanced information and reporting systems to create and sustain efficiencies. To know more, visit: