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June 14, 2018

Certifiably Proficient: Avail Equips Agents for Added Success

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The optional movr™ prepaid Mastercard Debit Card gives administrators more granular visibility into spend patterns of lump-sum beneficiaries. The information is useful for adjusting policy to better serve the company and employees.

You may notice some new credentials alongside people’s names in the Atlas Agency network. The AMMR™ (Avail Move Management® Reseller) certification now distinguishes Atlas Agents who are proficient with Avail's services.


“Agents who achieve the AMMR know how to present Avail's services effectively in the market,” says Jessica Nichols, Director, Avail. “They are equipped to determine which clients can benefit with Avail—and show them how.”

“Training for me involved an online test, and then Avail came to an Alexander's sales meeting and offered a class for certification,” says Zeke Oaks, AMMR, National Account Manager with Alexander’s Mobility Services (0215). “I also presented the product in a few different places, such as trade shows and client meetings, prior to my certification."

AmpOnline_AvailMM_ZekeOaks_400w.pngAs a certified Avail Move Management® Reseller, Zeke Oaks brings clients a verifiable understanding of Avail’s services, including Avail Order Management (the move management interface with Atlas Van Lines) and movr™ (—a lump-sum manager for corporate transferees and private clients).

How does Zeke see the benefits of his certification for clients? “I think the most valuable thing for my clients may be the ability to offer movr for that employee population that was somewhat forgotten before,” says Zeke. “And they can offer it at a much lower cost than the other lump-sum management tools out there.”

Will Tax Law Affect Lump Sums?

It’s still unclear just how tax legislation enacted in the waning days of 2017 will affect relocation. But it seems unlikely to deter the steadily increasing attraction companies have for lump-sum move benefits.  

“If we see an influx in lump-sum disbursements by corporate clients, we are ready with the ideal solution,” says Jessica.

Since launching movr™ in 2015, Avail has made continual refinements so it is user-friendly for both private clients and corporate transferees. The tool is hands-free for corporate administrators, since movr works directly with the transferee.

“Anyone who wants to get the best value with their move budget will find movr useful—whether for locating qualified service providers, tracking expenses, or simply staying on task,” says Jessica. "A customer can access movr by simply entering their Atlas registration number or code.”