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October 25, 2019

Canadian CSR Services and Cross-Border Connections Raise Consistency and Lower Costs

  • Atlas Canada
  • Household Moving
The staff of Avail Move Management® Canada provides full CSR services and cross-border expertise to Canadian and U.S. Atlas Local Movers.

With their customs clearance expertise and unique pricing model, Avail Move Management® Canada enables Atlas Local Movers to move corporate and private clients within Canada and across the border with more expertise and less expense. When Canadian or U.S. agents use Avail Move Management Canada for their Customer Service Representative (CSR) services, the service is completely branded with the individual agent’s name.

“We offer scalability as our agents grow their business, with both private andcorporate clients,” says Barry Schellenberg, President of Atlas® Canada. By working with Avail in Canada, agents don’t have to have a dedicated CSR on staff, and only have to pay a small fee per move instead of covering the annual expense of associates that might be underutilized. The scalability allows all Canadian agents to approach corporate moves, without an in-house CSR staff.

Additionally, Atlas Local Movers conducting cross-border moves can rely on Avail’s customs clearance experience, both northbound and southbound.

“If an agent is unfamiliar with the entire process, and doesn’t fully understand necessary documentation and communication with a client, we assume that role, and it really puts them at ease,” says Fred Haladay, Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, Atlas Canada.

“Customs issues today are substantially different than they were in the past,” says Fred. “If you don’t dot your i’s and cross your t’s, you’re going to run into problems.” Those problems could include extra costs, upset customers, and even getting turned away at the border.

Sharing the Cost of Growth
In Canada, Avail uses a unique fee structure to make efficient CSR services, including cross-border expertise, available to customers and Atlas Local Movers, regardless of an agent’s volume. The cost is distributed among every agent that participates in revenue from the shipment, and not all lumped under the sales cost of an individual agent.

For U.S. agents, Avail uses a more traditional pricing model to offer only the specific expertise or services required in Canada or for cross-border moves.

Consistent Customer Care
While the program is completely voluntary for Canadian agents, just over 40% of agents use Avail’s comprehensive CSR package to maintain customer service consistency.

Avail Canada assumes all customer service responsibilities, including conducting the survey, providing moving service support from start to finish, and communicating with the client throughout. It’s a consistent service from move to move, which is particularly well-suited to corporate moves.

Avail Canada also takes on responsibility for KPI management, tracking and reporting on overall performance of their program, and ensuring that they exceed performance metrics.

When Avail is working with an Atlas Local Mover client, it uses the agent’s branding to avoid any confusion. “We know which way to answer the phone based on who’s calling,” says Fred, “and we set up individual email addresses based on that client so we know exactly how to respond.”

“Anything we can do to make our agents better, more efficient, to help them increase their bottom line, is a win-win,” says Fred.