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November 15, 2022

25 as One


At the 2021 Atlas® Convention, Pierre Frappier, President of AMJ Campbell™ in Canada, approached Atlas® World Group CEO and Chairman Jack Griffin with an idea. AMJ had a long history with Atlas® Van Lines Canada dating back to 1984, but Frappier was ready to make a bold statement by enhancing the companies in a way that would better serve both. The idea? Sign a renewal agreement that would seal the partnership between the two for an unprecedented 25 years.

“There are some companies that like 30-day agreements,” says Fred Haladay, President and COO, Atlas Van Lines Canada. “In my time in this industry there has never been a signing for this length of time. It really feels like we’ve secured the futures of Atlas®, AMJ, and the Agent family.”

Both Griffin and Haladay acknowledge that with AMJ’s impressive coast-to-coast footprint across Canada it could have entertained becoming its own carrier. However, because of the long-held relationship between the companies, there was a deep sense of trust and a desire to build something greater as one. Says Haladay, “We’ve always worked well together at developing improvements for our industry, and that history has a way of coming back to help you.”

Frappier likens Atlas and AMJ’s 30-plus-year relationship to a marriage, saying there were happy times, days of being at odds, and moments of looking to see what else was out there. But it’s always been a union worth working for. “You can’t build something meaningful with a short-term relationship,” says Frappier. “We’ve done very well under the Atlas umbrella and that gives us great trust that it is the right partner for the long term.”

Another aspect of this new agreement is AMJ and Canada now having a seat at
the table. With this deal, Frappier made a purchase of stock and is now a member of
the Board of Directors.

“Now that we are a part of the Board, we can grow Atlas Canada and learn what best practices we can from the U.S. model to bring to our own market that will better support the Agents in the ways I’ve experienced firsthand,” says Frappier, adding that with this partnership the foundation for a bright future has been laid. “This is a logical decision. It ensures both AMJ and Atlas Canada are well-positioned to be able to make bold moves, grow business, get the best talent, and keep evolving long after Fred and I are gone.”

Haladay agrees, adding, “I’ve never been afraid to make a bold decision, but I never say ‘hope for the best’ because as a leader you need enough information to make that bold decision. We knew what we had and what we were working toward, so this was the right move to make.”

For Griffin, he’s proud of his teams and what they’ve been able to accomplish—and the legacy they are creating. “This is the biggest deal that’s been done in a long time,” he says. “With Pierre’s vision, Fred’s determination, and his team’s hard work to make this happen, we have much to celebrate and look forward to.”