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Atlas® Moving Supplies

What packing supplies do I need?

When it’s time to get your goods ready for shipping, you can use the very same moving supplies Atlas professional packers and movers use.

Quality packing Materials, Competitive Pricing

Every day is moving day for your Atlas Agent, so there are always plenty of professional grade moving supplies in stock.

Because your Atlas Agent specializes in household goods, you can easily inquire about the amount of packing materials you will need. Getting your packing supplies from your Atlas Agent can help you save time and money.

Moving Boxes and Cartons

Choose from several sizes of moving boxes designed for all kinds of household goods. Small moving boxes are better for packing heavy items (books and papers) and large moving boxes are good for lighter items (linens, towels, etc.).

What packing supplies can i get from atlas?

  • Boxes
  • Book Boxes (12” x 12” x 12”)
  • Small (6" x 12-5/8" x 12-13/16")
  • Medium (18" x 18" x 16")
  • Large (18" x 18" x 24")
  • X-Large (24-1/8" x 18" x 24")
  • Dish Pack (5.125 cu. ft.)
  • Wardrobe (24” x 20” x 45”)
  • Lamp Cartons
  • Flat Panel TV Boxes
  • Mirror and Picture Boxes
  • Document Storage (File) Boxes

Other Moving Supplies:

  • Mattress Bags (Twin, Full, Queen, King)
  • Bubble Pack (Large Rolls, Small Rolls, Sheets)
  • Packing Paper (10 lb. box)
  • Packing Tape

How to Begin

Talk to your Atlas Agent.

When you decide to do your own packing, ask your Atlas Agent about what materials you will need and read our packing guides to learn the best way to pack your items. You may pick the materials up at your Atlas Agency location—or have them delivered to you. Find local Atlas Agents.


ProMover® Certified

All Atlas Agents are ProMover Certified, the highest designation from the American Moving & Storage Assocation.

Atlas World Group, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Mover in Evansville, IN

Better Business Bureau A+ Ranking

Atlas World Group, Inc. (parent company of Atlas Van Lines) is awarded the Better Business Bureau A+ Ranking, the highest ranking. Among other criteria, it reflects our time in the business and transparent business practices.


Award Winning Agents

Atlas adheres to formal, measurable standards for quality. Our Agencies are accountable with regular inspections and evaluations. Customer feedback is also essential for our efforts to improve service on every move.