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Serving the Healthcare Community

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Did you know the number of Americans age 65 and older will more than double over the next 40 years? This segment currently accounts for about 15 percent of U.S. residents. But it will approach one-fourth of total population by 2060. (Source: Population Reference Bureau Fact Sheet: 1/13/2016) Atlas Logistics® is in tune with this shift, positioned as a trusted provider of choice in the healthcare arena.
“When I step into an assisted-living community, I think of myself as a guest in the residents’ home,” says Colleen Kennedy, Operations Manager, Health Care, Titan® Global Distribution. “Yes, I am a service provider, but I want to ensure the comfort and well-being of those who live and work in the community.”
Colleen and her team of account managers coordinate and oversee healthcare projects with varying degrees of size and complexity. On every project, before work can begin, Colleen leads a thorough assessment of the client’s expectations and the service scenario. This includes determining the time frame, size and layout of buildings, accessibility considerations—every concern that can in any way impact the residents or service delivery.
“Once we have a complete understanding of requirements, we partner with the warehouses,” says Colleen. “We rely on an extensive network for coordination of the final mile project. Each warehouse has particular strengths that we consider in selecting the right fit for the project.”
The final mile can be a little tricky, since furniture, fixtures and equipment move in and out even in inhabited facilities. For residents’ peace of mind, Titan works with its clients to ensure all residents understand their part in the process and what will happen when the crews are on site.
“We routinely work with nursing staff and aides to make our presence natural and non-intrusive,” says Colleen. “This may mean partitioning and sharing hallways with residents, or allowing staff to temporarily occupy residents in a common area while we perform our tasks. Our crews work quickly and efficiently, keeping in mind the convenience and comfort of residents at all times.”
While assisted-living and rehab hospitals are a big part of the residential healthcare market, so are private residences. Atlas Logistics routinely answers this segment of the elder population.
“Our logistics solutions run the gamut,” says Matt VanderLinde, Vice President, Business Development, Atlas Logistics. “From delivering medical and fitness equipment to private homes as well as to hospitals, clinics, physicians’ offices, gyms and health clubs . . . we answer virtually any individual or institution involved with health-related service.” Matt adds: “Healthcare is a growing vertical market, and Atlas is growing with it.”
Photo Caption: The Terrific Titan® Healthcare Team. Front Row (from left): Colleen Kennedy, Jennifer Peterson.
Back Row: Rachael Duffner, Vickie McCall, Chris Wenzel.

"We use Titan® for delivery and installation of capital equipment and furnishings. They have been a great partner. For a large project last year in Nebraska, Ron Strunk and Colleen Kennedy traveled from St. Louis to provide extra assurance that everything went as planned. Now that’s support."
Greg S. – Senior Manager, Medline Logistics®


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