Moving Tips & Tools

We understand there are many moving parts when relocating your life. That’s why Atlas® offers helpful tips and tools to ensure every step of your move goes as smoothly as possible.

Saving money on your move.

Why hire a moving company? You’re watching your budget and you want to save money when you move. You might think doing it yourself is the answer, but there are hidden costs you might not have considered. A professional move by Atlas can help you come out ahead.


Before you move with Atlas, we give you an estimate of costs so you can see how a professional move works for your budget. What does an Atlas move include?

  • Lifting and carrying. If you’re moving a few boxes and small pieces of furniture into a one-story home, you may have no trouble. But if you are moving a sofa, dresser, piano, pool table, or other large pieces down from a second-floor apartment, around narrow landings, and through even narrower doorways, Atlas movers can spare you the heavy lifting and frustration..
  • Preparing and protecting. Atlas movers use cardboard, runners and pads to protect your home and its floors, doors, woodwork and exposed surfaces, helping you get your full deposit back when moving from an apartment or preventing costly touchups to your new home.
  • Padding and wrapping. Atlas movers prepare your furnishings for safe transit, protecting items from dust and from damage.
  • Valuation. Technically, it’s not insurance. But it protects you in the event of loss or damage. Basic valuation provides minimal coverage at $0.60 per pound. Full Value Protection guarantees you the replacement or repair of any item lost or damaged. Your Atlas Agent representative will explain these options and talk to you about the right option for you.
  • Optional packing and unpacking. Using the right materials and packing techniques can mean the difference between items arriving intact or in pieces. Atlas professional packers are trained to do it right.
  • Loading and unloading. There is an art to loading a van and keeping goods secure with no shifting during travel. Atlas Professional Van Operators are experts at loading and unloading.
  • Navigating the truck. Atlas Professional Van Operators are skilled, licensed professionals. They are mindful of the legal requirements for operating a commercial truck and they know how to handle emergencies on the road. They cover all expenses for fuel, insurance, maintenance, and repairs.


Every dollar counts. At Atlas, we work hard to keep costs down and save you money. We want to be your best value for a professional move. And we share our knowledge of efficiency to make your move affordable. To learn more, see our tips and ideas for moving.

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