Moving Tips & Tools

We understand there are many moving parts when relocating your life. That’s why Atlas® offers helpful tips and tools to ensure every step of your move goes as smoothly as possible.

A few things that Atlas cannot pack for you.

  • Hazardous items you should not packGrandfather clocks. Your Atlas mover can call a qualified service provider to prepare your grandfather clock for transport.
  • Handguns. You are responsible for transporting handguns and ammunition.
  • Hot tubs. Your Atlas mover can contact a qualified service provider to drain your hot tub and prepare it for transport.
  • Medicines. Atlas recommends that you carry all medications with you. Seal caps with masking tape, wrap, and pack upright in small boxes. Some prescription drugs, such as insulin, lose their potency if exposed to heat. Check with your pharmacist.
  • Perishable food. Atlas cannot take perishable items.
  • Propane tanks. Atlas cannot transport a propane tank, even an empty one, under any circumstances.
  • Flammables and combustibles. These are considered non-allowable items, and Atlas will not transport them. Plan to dispose of these or give them away before you move.

Atlas does not assume responsibility for important papers, keys, small sentimental items and valuables. Plan to pack these together and transport them with you.

If you are moving yourself, it's still a very good idea to leave Propane Tanks, and Flammables and Combustibles behind for your safety.