Corporate Relocation Survey 2022



  • Relocation volumes and budgets are returning to historic norms for almost half of all companies, but around half of all companies also anticipate increasing complexity of relocations moving into 2022.
  • 60% of all companies reported increasing domestic relocations, 48% reported increasing international relocations, and 57% reported an increase in relocation budgets.
  • 52% of all companies are on their toes, anticipating changes through 2022 and beyond.

COVID-19 is becoming less impactful overall but has created a more complex landscape for relocations. As less-severe coronavirus variants result in more relaxed pandemic restrictions globally, employees and employers are empowered by vaccines and safety precautions to remain productive as well as safe. However, COVID-19 has created an unstable environment in which travel restrictions, economic concerns, and cultural shifts in the workplace may create permanent changes for companies.

relocation volume chart
complexity of relocation chart


  • Moving into 2022, companies should maintain situational awareness of emerging global events as well as permanent changes to workplace operations because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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