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August 7, 2017

Why an In-Home Estimate is a Major Asset for your Move

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There are many different pieces in the moving process, and lots of them come with price tags. Being prepared and understanding the cost of something essential - like working with professional movers and packers to get your belongings to your new home - is a major advantage. With knowledge of the costs ahead of time, it's far easier to plan a budget and make the financial decision that works best for you.

There are plenty of options for estimates out there, so it's important that you choose a moving company that provides accurate, honest estimates and guarantees anyone physically inside your home has undergone background checks. Here are a few options to consider when it comes time to get an estimate:

The in-home visit

An in-home estimate is one of the most comprehensive and effective options for an estimate. While you know your home and belongings better than anyone else, experienced Atlas agents know exactly what to look for when providing an initial educated projection of moving costs. Drawing on your knowledge and their own, agents can craft an effective and accurate cost estimates that make it easier to plan ahead for the move.
There are so many factors involved in properly crafting an estimate that an in-home visit is a powerful tool for everyone involved. Atlas agents have to take the following elements, along with many more, into account:
  • Size and weight of belongings, which impact transit costs and amount of time needed to complete the move.
  • The distance of the move.
  • The option to use Atlas professional packers, to make sure your belongings are secure from start to finish.
  • The amount of valuation coverage desired, to ensure you're comfortable with the level of protection and the cost of the coverage.

A new, convenient and powerful option

"This process isn't just effective, it's secure, too."

What if you could mix the insight that an in-home estimate offers with the convenience of generating one digitally? Atlas is proud to offer a new Video Survey option for estimates, a virtual walkthrough that you schedule and control. You can either have an Atlas representative on the line for the virtual trip through your home, or record it and upload it for later review. This kind of flexibility combines the best of both worlds, offering the insight needed to prepare an effective estimate without the need for a physical visit and all the scheduling efforts that requires.

This process isn't just effective, it's secure, too. Atlas takes your privacy seriously, which means you can end the video at any time and pull consent for archiving the video. We keep the video on hand through the end of the claim filing period, and use a secure network with role-based access limitations and passwords to stop any unnecessary access. What's more, we ensure all of your personal information is protected and only used for matters related to your move.

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