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June 2, 2017

Understanding the Role of a Third Party in Your Move

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The following blog content was contributed by Executive Movers Service Inc., an Atlas preferred supplier. EMS is a third party provider based out of New Jersey with over 75 years of combined experience in the moving and third party industry. For more information, visit their website.​

While relocating to a new area can be an exciting opportunity, it can also be stressful and emotional for you and your family. The heightened realization comes with packing, loading and transporting your household goods. When things don’t go according to plan, anger, frustration and resentment often ensue. Moving companies often source third parties to help the process go more smoothly. Reputable third party service providers can reduce the possibility of damage to the home and your belongings. 

What role does a third party play?

Once the moving company receives authorization for a new move, they schedule a survey. The surveyor takes note of:
  • Items that require specialty care
  • Specialty services that need to be performed prior to the move
That’s where the role of the third party comes in – the moving company coordinates with a third party provider, as these services require a specific skill set and expertise.

What specialty services does a third party provide?

Crating services are most often used for TVs, artwork, glass tabletops and other high value items.  By utilizing a third party service, the moving company ensures  special items are crated by certified professionals, which reduces the risk of damage during the move and releases the moving company of liability for any damage to those items. Other examples of when third party assistance may be required include:
  • Plumbing-related services
  • Assembling various exercise equipment
  • Removing and installing sophisticated home theatre equipment
With third party assistance, moving crews can pack and load the contents of the home more efficiently and move on to their next assigned move.

How do moving companies ensure quality standards?

Moving companies look for certain criteria in their third party service providers:
  • Strong customer service values
  • Background checks on technicians
  • Valid licensing
  • Insurance
  • ISO 9001 certification - this certification demonstrates the ability to provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.
Holding third parties to a high standard protects all parties involved in the move, most importantly you, the relocatee, your family and your belongings.