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July 7, 2016

Top 5 relocation mistakes to avoid

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With a little foresight, it's possible to have a smooth relocation process.

As our very own "2015 Corporate Relocation Survey" uncovered, employees from across multiple industries and of varying company sizes relocated in 2015. And with relocation figures set to remain essentially the same in 2016, that means thousands of workers nationwide are looking forward to a new start somewhere else. Some of these relocations will be smooth, while others might be less than optimal. If you're looking to steer clear of any needless headaches, be sure to avoid these five common relocation mistakes:

1. Remaining ignorant of your new city
So many people choose to relocate without giving a lot of thought to where they're going to end up. What's the school system like? Is the cost of living comparable to where you're currently living? Does this new city have amenities that you're going to enjoy? These are all important considerations to keep in mind, as they impact your quality of life and ensure you're happy with your new job opportunities.

2. Not visiting enough beforehand
Penelope Trunk has a long history with relocation, having moved several times to start four different companies. In her personal blog, she says it's a mistake to think you fully comprehend a city during just one visit. Your time is limited, and you'll often only get an idea of a small neighborhood. If possible, visit several times to get a more comprehensive idea. If that's not feasible, then rely on a real estate agent to clue you into the city's culture and economic structure.

3. Choosing the wrong time to move
There is no real right or wrong time to move, but there are times that are much closer to optimal than others. Summer, for instance, is one of the better times to relocate, especially around Memorial Day and Labor Day. That's because the housing market in general is more robust, workers and students alike have flexible schedules, and there's less chance of pesky storms. Of course, it's also important to be aware of certain downsides. Summer is awesome, but there is also a greater risk of heat damage.

4. Not understanding the merit of valuation
Some people move without giving a lot of forethought to state of their belongings. Many moving companies offer protection in the form of valuation, in which the organization assumes a certain level of liability in the case of accident or damaged goods. it's important to know that valuation isn't the same as insurance, and thus it is not enforced by state laws. There are are also several forms of valuation, and each one has different costs and items it covers. Like with any other moving decision, it's essential to always do your research.

5. Hiring the wrong moving company
While handling a move on your own seems like the less costly choice, it does leave you without a safety net. That means no one to assist with the packing, planning or overall logistics of moving, and that can only add to the stress of your average relocation process. Even if people do opt for a moving company, they often make a hasty decision, and that only further complicates matters.

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