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October 27, 2017

Things you want to move yourself

Family heirlooms are best moved in your personal vehicle if at all possible.

When it comes time to finish packing up and head to your new home, there are certain items that no movers can bring onboard their trucks. Non-allowables, like car batteries, liquid bleach, scuba tanks and weed killer, can all threaten the safety of your other possessions, your movers and your family.

However, that's not the only category of items you should consider moving yourself. Certain possessions, whether due to their especially high monetary or sentimental value, are best personally handled with care by their owners on moving day. Professional movers are happy to safely transport these objects, but it's often better in terms of peace of mind to take on the task yourself. Let's look at some examples and advice for keeping those items safe and sound.

Jewelry in box.Moving valuables yourself helps improve peace of mind.

High-value items

From jewelry to art, stock certificates to cash, certain things have a high monetary value. You already know which items you keep secure in a safe or other hiding spot, and for most people, these items don't take up too much room. That makes them easy to transport once moving day arrives, assuming you follow a few important steps to keep them safe. While every situation is different, these suggestions can help you ensure your most expensive belongings successfully make the trip:

  • Pack them in secure containers, taking special care of potentially fragile items like jewelry and works of art.
  • Obscure the contents of the boxes in which you pack them to avoid advertising what's inside. This is especially important on longer moves, when you'll likely make stops during your trip.
  • Similarly, don't label the boxes with any wording that's too specific.
  • If driving, keep them as secure as possible by placing them in the back of the trunk, behind other boxes and items.
  • Bring any high-value items inside if spending the night on the road, or keep them in your carry-on luggage if flying.

Family heirlooms

Sometimes expensive, sometimes not, heirlooms have an entirely different kind of value: sentimental and specific to your family. Whether it's a set of bone china that's been in the family for generations, a photo album full of memories or something much more unique, these items are full of important memories. Because they're often fragile, small or otherwise easy to damage, you'll feel a greater sense of security by transporting them yourself.

While the movers and packers at Atlas are confident in their ability to ensure a safe trip for any possession, having full control over your family heirlooms for the duration of the move can be comforting - especially during a time of great change.

When it comes to moving heirlooms, your best bet is to plan ahead and test out packing techniques to be sure your irreplaceable items will be safe throughout your travels. Take a short test drive around the neighborhood and consider how you'll load and unload the heirlooms from your car as well. With this kind of preparation, you can make sure everything arrives to your new home in one piece.