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September 26, 2019

The value of an in-home estimate

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Your smartphone is a gateway to a secure, simple in-home estimate.

Moving is a complicated process that can become much more manageable when you spend a little time looking at the details and options available. Of course, working with professional movers and packers is one of the easiest ways to reduce your workload and make your move a simple and positive experience. But there are plenty of other ways you can get a better handle on the process, too.

When it comes to getting an idea of what your financial obligation will be to move from your old home to your new one, an estimate can provide a lot of clarity. Let's look at the estimate process in general, then take a closer look at our convenient options for providing a cost estimate ahead of your move.

A well-appointed living room.Estimates and quotes help you understand the cost of moving your home ahead of time.

Starting with a quote

A quote is an easy way to start understanding your moving costs. It allows you to gather initial information from a number of potential providers quickly and efficiently. By sharing basic details about your home and the possessions inside, you can make a more confident and informed decision.

When you reach out for a quote, whether over the phone or online, you should have some basic information about your home and your move on hand. The number of bedrooms within the home and the number of people who live there are key information for moving companies to make standard, initial determinations about moving costs. They'll also ask where you're currently located and where your new home is, which is one of the largest factors when it comes to the cost of the move. Additionally, the timing of your move can have an impact on costs and should be among the first questions asked.

A good moving company will also ask a few other questions to develop an understanding of the size of the move. They'll likely inquire about the presence or absence of spaces like attics, basements, garages, sheds and even if you have a storage unit nearby. You can see our online quote form and submit your own quote request here.

Why an in-home estimate makes sense for your move

In-home estimates follow the same basic principle as a quote requested over the phone or online, but takes a much more detailed approach that provides a higher level of confidence and a more custom-tailored result. A professional can walk through your home, take note of the number of items that need to be moved and ask more specific questions that allow for an effective and efficient move on the big day.

An in-home estimate may not always be the best choice for your circumstances, however. If you don't currently live in the home that you want to move from - perhaps you already live in temporary accommodations in your new city due to work responsibilities - or simply can't fit an estimate into your schedule, it can seem difficult to complete this process. That's where our Video Survey option comes into play.

This safe, convenient approach allows you to either record a video for later review or have an Atlas professional watch the process live and ask you questions along the way. We use a secure network for streaming and hosting the video files, delete them once the moving process is complete and allow you to have complete control over starting and ending the process, as well as the option to revoke access rights to the video at any time. If an in-person visit isn't right for you, the Video Survey just might be. Find out more about the video survey process.