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November 2, 2017

The power of the Atlas moving dictionary

There are plenty of definitions focused on international moves in our moving dictionary.

Moving is a specialized industry and one that some interact with on an infrequent basis. The average U.S. citizen will move 11.4 times in his or her lifetime, according to FiveThirtyEight. That's slightly less than one move per decade, all told, which means you may not be intimately familiar with some important but less-common terms in the moving world.

Atlas is here to help you clear up any confusion with our A-to-Z moving dictionary, full of definitions that help you navigate the moving process, including a number of real estate terms related to buying and selling a home. Follow the link to look for a specific term, or read on for a review of a handful of choice words from the dictionary:

Selected definitions from the Atlas moving dictionary

"Our moving dictionary is an A-to-Z resource for movers."

Accessorial services: Many moves involve more than just the physical transport of your belongings from your old home to your new one. Accessorial services are any other services necessary to complete the move or that are requested by a customer. One of the most common is packing, where our skilled agents secure your belongings, large and small, before the move occurs. Other examples include custom crating, appliance servicing and stair and long-distance carry needs, among others.

Carrier's certificate and release order: The carrier's certificate and release order is a necessary component of international moves, as it's filed with U.S. Customs and Border Protection to share details of a shipment's ownership and what's inside the vehicle or container moving the items. It also establishes that the owner of the items being moved into the country can file for CBP to release that cargo.

Foreign service premium: Employees who engage in corporate relocations frequently receive a cash allowance in exchange for their decision to accept a foreign posting with their employer. This payment is sometimes called an international adjustment allowance or an international assignment premium.

Health certificate: Often called the same thing for both pets and humans, the health certificate serves different purposes for each. For people, it's a certified statement from a physician about an individual's health and physical condition, often used to substantiate the need for prescription medication. For pets, its a certified statement from a veterinarian about an animal's health and vaccination history, needed to enter certain foreign countries.

Landbridge, full: Items carried from one foreign port to another, moving across the entire U.S. - east to west, north to south or a combination of directions - on the ground.

Open-end mortgage: A open-end mortgage can be expanded, allowing the mortgage holder to borrow more money without rewriting the initial agreement.

Quitclaim deed: A document that removes any interest or title claim a person may have in a piece of property.

Tare weight: The weight of a moving truck, including any moving equipment and packing materials, before it's loaded with a shipment. This is vital in accurately calculating moving costs.

Walk board: The ramp used to connect a moving vehicle with the ground and eliminate the need to lift heavy items or boxes from the ground to the truck.

Didn't see the term you want defined in this wide-ranging list? Check out the full dictionary to find it.