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November 30, 2016

The most efficient way to unpack after a big move [Video]

  • Tips and tricks
Unpacking doesn't have to be a chore if you plan ahead.

For most people, unpacking after a big move is a chore better left undone. They'd rather just have that time to kick back and enjoy their new home. However, if you know how to unpack the right way, you can get to the good stuff in no time flat.

To begin, lay out your unpacking plan. That means figuring out which rooms you'll start with and moving all your belongings accordingly.

Start unpacking by focusing on the most important areas, like the bathroom and bedroom. You can even just set up certain parts of a room - like the living room couch - before moving on to other items.

Unpacking can be a great family activity. Turn an otherwise tedious chore into a chance to spend quality time with one another.

Finally, don't feel as if you have to unpack all at once. Go at your own pace and set up your home as you see fit.

Unpacking will be a breeze if you've relied on a professional mover. Atlas Van Lines can tackle any move and let you focus on making your new home your very own.