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July 20, 2016

The many levels of moving services

  • Move Management
Understanding these levels is essential to a smooth and successful moving experience.

You might assume that one move is the same as any other. However, there are actually quite a few different levels to the moving experience. Moves can be categorized as either corporate or private, and within these are subcategories depending upon various features and packages. Understanding the levels to moving is essential to ensure you've got the right setup when it comes to your big relocation.

"No two moving experiences are ever truly alike."

Whether you're moving down the street or across the world, every move begins with packing. It's not enough to simply throw all your belongings into boxes and vehicles, though. You need to make sure that everything is packed safely, either with bubble wrap or tissues to prevent breakage. Organization is also essential, and boxes should be marked and grouped together with similar items. If you own extra delicate items, these can be wrapped up in pads or put into wooden crates.

Corporate moving services
Corporate relocations are an increasingly frequent occurrence in companies of all sizes. In fact, according to Atlas Van Line's "Corporate Relocation Survey" for 2016, nearly 40 percent of companies with 5,000 or employees relocated at least 8 percent of their employees (approximately 400 individuals). During these moves, employees are generally offered one of two benefits packages. Company sponsored relocations involve paying for the entire move, while lump sum moves involve giving employees a set amount of money. As the Atlas survey uncovered, though, lump sum moves are becoming more common as sponsored options take a backseat.

Sometimes accidents happen during a move, and items have to be replaced out of pocket. But with valuation, you can fully protect your most precious belongings. Most valuation is offered under two different liability options. The first covers the overall weight of the items, which is then multiplied by 60 cents for every pound. The second option is called full-value protection and involves multiplying $6 per pound. The former is more expensive than the latter, and it's generally best for those shipments already on a binding estimate. For those unaware, the binding estimate is the exact cost of all your moving services.

Not everyone is an expert in the costs of moving, which is why an in-house estimation is so very essential. It prevents any unnecessary surprises that can result in extra charges. Estimates from Atlas be broken down by three separate types:

  • Binding: This means to additional charges for surplus shipments if you move within 60 days of the estimate.
  • Non-binding: This is a more general idea of the moving price, but the price isn't set in stone until the loading.
  • Assured Price Protection Program: Here, you can get a discount depending upon which is lower: the services or overall weight.

The professional touch
When it comes to ensuring the smoothest move possible and access to each of the essential levels, you need a moving company that truly understands the process. Atlas Van Lines is committed to providing its customers with just such an experience. From real-life estimates and valuation to professional packing
and other services, Atlas tackles each move with a personal touch.