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January 24, 2019

Snow on moving day? Keep your new home clean with this advice

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Being aware of ice and snow can help you keep your new home clean as you move in.

Moving during the winter has its advantages and disadvantages. It's outside of the peak moving season, so it can be easier and less expensive to book the moving company you want to work with on your preferred date and time. Drawbacks include the often less-than-comfortable temperatures if you plan to handle the move yourself, and the potential for snow, sleet and other winter weather hazards on or around moving day.

One of the most important considerations to make is how to keep your new home free from dirt, moisture, cold air and other unwelcome consequences that can be caused by tracking in snow, ice, water and mud as you move in. Keep this advice in mind as you plan your move.

A person shoveling their home's walkway.A little planning ahead for a snowy moving day can definitely pay off.

Understand the layout in your new home, then plan accordingly

There are many pieces of advice that may or may not be helpful or relevant, depending on the layout of your new home. Creating a human chain to bring things from the moving truck to the front door, then from the door to the intended destination, without tracking in too much snow or allowing cold air to freely fill the house is a great idea, for example.

You may also decide to use a cool house, warm room strategy. This approach involves turning the heat down low and relying on physical labor and wearing layers of winter clothes to keep warm until you finish the task, while plugging in a space heater inside a single room with a closed door to let people warm up, if necessary.

These are valuable ideas to consider. However, neither approach may be necessary if you live in an apartment building away from the main entrance, or have a large garage where you can deposit all your boxes and other items before bringing them inside.

Make sure you understand your new home and the space around it. Create a plan for keeping it clean that keeps any unique characteristics in mind, and consider the different avenues available to minimize dirt, snow and other undesirable elements.

Make sure your heat and electricity are turned on

Whether you want to use a cool house, warm room strategy or not, you'll want to warm up once the moving process is over. Moving in milder weather can mean it's not a major problem if you don't have electricity or heat for a day or two, but winter isn't so forgiving. Having your electricity turned on is especially important because of shorter winter days, as The Spruce pointed out.

Give yourself extra time to make the trip

Whether you're renting and driving the truck yourself or simply traveling to your new home, give yourself enough time while taking into account potential weather-related delays.

Let professional movers and packers handle the heavy lifting 

Professional movers and packers can handle a wide variety of conditions and still get the job done cleanly and capably. To learn more, get in touch with the experts at Atlas today!