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October 11, 2016

Safeguarding your home prior to a move [Video]

  • Tips and tricks
Home safety is an essential part of the moving process.

Moving can be a hectic process. While you're worrying about your furniture or coordinating schedules, you may forget to properly safeguard your home.

It's always a good idea to make as much space in your house when moving out larger items, like the refrigerator or a loveseat. The larger this buffer area, the less likely you are to damage walls, floors or other belongings.

If you're taking paintings or other decorative items off the wall, always take your time. Ripping things off in a hurry will only damage the wall or paint beneath.

If you really want to protect your house, create a moving out plan. This breaks down what you're taking with you, in what order items will be moved and where to place them in the moving truck.

A professional moving company can be an ally in protecting your home. Atlas Van Lines employs only the most experienced workers who take every step possible to preserve your home.