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June 22, 2018

Quick tips to keep your pet safe during a move [Video]

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Your pets are part of your family. How can you keep them safe as you move? Keep these quick tips in mind to make sure your companions stay safe and sound throughout the trip.

Movers, trains and buses generally don't can't carry pets, so your own vehicle or a plane is your best bet. You can also reach out to professional pet shippers, and your local Atlas agent can offer a recommendation.

Make sure your pet can be identified if they get loose at a rest stop or at your new home. Collars with ID tags, microchips and pet carriers all play important roles. Finally, make sure you have plenty of food and water for your animals along the way. To learn more about moving with your pets read our how-to guide. If you'd like to start preparing for your move get an get a quote today!