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September 6, 2017

Picking the best day and time to make your move

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Finding the optimal time to move means a speedier process with fewer delays along the way. How can you choose the time of year - and time of day - to make your move? Consider this guidance as you start planning for your arrival to your new home.


The best time of year to move

People are less likely to move in the winter than in the summer. Families with children are often reluctant to switch districts during the school year, and colder temperatures can complicate the planning and physical labor that go into moving to and settling in a new home. Additionally, many year-long leases and rental agreements conclude in the summer months.

While plenty of exceptions exist, in general, people tend to move more during warmer months. If your house-hunting schedule aligns with the colder part of the year and you're otherwise ready to move during the late fall, winter or early spring, use it to your advantage. You will likely have more flexibility in terms of scheduling your movers and you'll miss the most expensive rates charged when demand is at its highest.


The best time of the month to move

The beginning and end of the month tend to be common times for leases, whether year-to-year or month-to-month, to start and end. That means those times are busier when it comes to moving. If it fits into your schedule, consider a mid-month move. You'll have a broader range of options, which means choosing the time that works best for you.


The best time of week to move

People frequently move on the weekends. The reasoning behind such a decision is clear: It's easier for many to avoid taking days off at work for a move, if possible, and it provides some free time to get settled in and start unpacking.

You won't have trouble finding movers to take on a weekend task - as long as you plan and schedule far enough in advance - but mid-week is often a period of lower demand. The same concept applies to moving mid-week as it does mid-month. You'll have more options and fewer people competing to hire movers in your area.


The best time of day to move

While movers are available throughout the day, a morning move can mean more time to arrive, get situated, unpack and start settling in. Your movers will also appreciate avoiding the warmest part of the day if you move during the summer.


The best decision for your unique, individual needs

You may not be able to move on a Monday morning in November or March, despite such times being among those with the lowest demand for movers. However, you can use this review of the best times to move to align your closing date and related plans to avoid summer weekends and other high-demand times, making your move more efficient and creating a better result for you and your family.