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May 11, 2016

Packing for a temporary living situation

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Here's how to pack for your temporary home move.

Sometimes, moving isn't permanent. Some companies relocate their employees for only a couple of months to work on a project at another office. Then when the worker is finished, he or she may move back. On the other hand, some families move to another state, but the house they bought just isn't ready yet. Both of these cases can require temporary living situations. This kind of move is very different and, as a result, so is the prep work before the big day. Here's what you need to know about packing for a temporary living situation.

Think practically

If you're moving to another state for a temporary move, that usually means you're not bringing along everything you own. For example, say you live in Chicago and are moving to Los Angeles to work on a special project at your job. That doesn't mean you will be bringing all of your belongings across these states. Something to take into consideration: Are you still keeping your home in Chicago? This can make a big difference in your packing process. If your Chicago home isn't going anywhere, you can leave plenty of items behind. If this place is being sold, you either need to bring everything with you or buy a storage space.

In either case, it's important to only pack things you will need over the course of your stay. The climate in California is much different than Illinois. Even if you're moving in December, you probably won't need your goose-down winter jacket in the golden state. Be sure to factor the differences in climate and season when you're packing.The same goes if you're staying in a temporary home while your new place is still being constructed. Pack your everyday belongings including clothes, toiletries, etc., depending on how long your renovations or repairs are estimated to take.

Figure out what's included

You're going to want to find out what your short-term rental includes. Is your apartment fully furnished with the basics like a bed and couch? Or what about the non-essential furniture like a dining table and entertainment set? Make a list of what furniture is essential for you, and then check off what is included. This will prevent you from moving any unnecessary items and ensure you won't forget something you need.

Is a microwave included in your new home?Is a microwave included in your new home?

It's important to look into what appliances come with your temporary home. You've been living with a microwave for so long you may have forgotten that this feature doesn't come with most apartments. The same goes for a washer and dryer. Check out what your living arrangements include so you can plan accordingly.

Store the rest

"Find a storage unit that suits your budget and lifestyle."

The items you don't take with you have to go somewhere. If your home isn't being sold, your belongings can stay there. If you're selling your home or terminating your lease, you're going to want to invest in some storage space. That way, you can keep items that you won't be needing in a safe place. For example, you most certainly don't want to get rid of your desktop computer, but don't want to transport it all the way across the country for only a few months. Instead, opt for bringing along your laptop, and keep the computer in your storage space until you get back. There are plenty of other items you own to which you can apply this same method. Moving can be stressful, time-consuming and expensive. If you don't need it, store it. Many different companies offer various sized and priced storage units to fit your budget and lifestyle.